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10 Victorian Style Fireplaces Designs

When one thinks of a fireplace, one thinks of warmth and comfort and a sense of being secure and safe. These beautiful fireplaces are bound to make any space look even better, not to mention unique. Dive into the past without having to leave the present with these amazing Victorian style Fireplaces.  When your home has a Victorian fireplace it cant go unnoticed because of its unique stylish features that may truly interest you because of the uniqueness and beauty each fireplace has. The Victorian style fireplaces come in different shapes and sizes, different designs, colors or even materials.

Fireplaces are used at the present time mostly for the practical purposes of heating, cooking, and heating water for laundry and domestic uses. Fireplaces have variable heat efficiency. See our collection of 10 Victorian style fireplace designs  below maybe you can pick an idea.

One thing about this stuff, aside from it is commonly used in this generation specially in cold place far from the center of the globe, is that it gives assurance of belonging. And you really desire to go back home every end of the day for this matter.

1. Victorian  Style Renaissance Fireplace and Bookcase

1-Renaissance Victorian Style Fireplace and Bookcase

This Renaissance style fireplace and bookcase is not only perfect to make your living room look more luxurious but it is also perfect for storing away your books in such a way that you can flaunt your collection. The detailed carvings and beautiful metalwork is bound to mesmerize people.

2. Victorian  Style Winchester Fireplace

2-Winchester Victorian Style Fireplace

Nothing screams elegance louder than this piece. Subtle and warm tones have been used and it features gentle curves. The mirror above it adds to its character. The entire feel of it is romantic. Highly quality wood has been used.

3. Victorian  Style Regency Suite Fireplace

Regency Suite Victorian Style Fireplace

This fireplace has been artfully and intricately carved. The metalwork is one of beauty. The best of materials have been used to craft this work of art. To add to the elegance of this piece, a marble top has been added.

4.Victorian  Style Majestic Fireplace

estic Victorian Style Fireplace

The regal and royal styles of European castles have been brought alive through this masterpiece. One cannot mistake the old-style carvings, the typical loop design, harlequin marble and the beautiful soft mink finish. Relive the past in your very own living room.

5. Victorian  Style Versailles Fireplace

Versailles Victorian Style Fireplace

This piece brings a unique element in the sense that it is crafted with beautiful stone instead of wood. It has a black fossil stone top and intricate carvings that give it a very sophisticated and elegant look. The sober colour adds to the elegance.

6. Victorian  Style Verona Fireplace

Verona Victorian Style Fireplace

Crafted with caste stone and given a beautiful finish with a black fossil stone top, this really is a piece to admire. The detailed work is bound to make any living room look sophisticated, regal and stylish. It gives a realism effect when the logs burn.

7. Victorian  Style Palace Gates Fireplace

8-Caravelle Warm Walnut Victorian Style Fireplace

Palace Gates Victorian Style Fireplace

Simple is elegant and this is what this piece says. Elegantly finished with intricate carvings and beautiful metalwork on the two metal doors that protect the flame. This simple yet sophisticated fireplace is bound to make a statement in any home.

8. Victorian  Style Caravelle Warm Walnut Fireplace

Caravelle Warm Walnut Victorian Style Fireplace

This fireplace is not only one of style but one that is bound to make anyone feel like they truly are at home. It is crafted with high quality wood and one does not have to worry about getting food or cleaning it out as it is an electric fireplace.

9. Victorian  Style Chateau Fireplace

Chateau Victorian Style Fireplace

This fireplace clearly says that simplicity is back and here to stay. Beautiful curves and gentle carvings only add to the sweet and simple elegance of this piece. It has a stylish marble front is designed with intricate carving. This piece speaks of romance.

10. Victorian  Style Royal Crest Fireplace

Royal Crest Victorian Style Fireplace

This fire place has it all from high Quality materials to intricate carvings to a beautiful finish. Nothing is missing. It is clearly a very elegant and beautiful piece that will make a living room or dining room seem more romantic.

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