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10 Stunning Really Small Living Room Ideas

Space crunch is probably the worst and the most common problem in all modern day apartments. Yet we all wish to set up a stunning and comfortable living room which could be used for watching television, reading, relaxing and even attending to guests. So, here are some ideas to help you design your living room and manage the space available to the fullest.

Today we have 10 Stunning Really Small Living Room Ideas for you. You can scroll down for further viewing and choose for yourself which type of small living room idea of your choice you would like to have. You can add your own idea if you happen to have a small living room at your home with one of ours.

1.Eclectic Living Room Idea


This room is very well lit with big windows. The sofa set is in a combination of cream and gray and compliments the wall colour and the interiors. The pink and purple cushions add some colour to the room decor. Paintings and flower arrangements are done to match the colour theme.

2.Midcentury Living Room Idea


This room is very compact and even with the little space, it can accommodate a lot. The sofa set, lamp shade and the numerous frames on the wall make the room very lively. There is a book shelf that can also hold show pieces.

3.Eclectic Living Room Idea


This room has a beautiful view from the window. The glass wares and the lamp shades add to the beauty. Though the sofa is in shades of cream, the bright cushion covers light up the mood.

4.Contemporary Living Room Idea


This room is again done mostly in white – wall colours and sofa set. This makes the room look bigger than the usual. There is a small wooden center table and a wooden fire place to match the shade.

5.Contemporary Family Room Idea


This room has a lot of wood work. The huge cabinet, in addition to holding the television, can store a lot of things. The chair, center table and the lamp shade has cane work and makes the decor stand out.

6.Contemporary Living Room Idea With Blue Curtains


This room is set up in blue and white- a classic combination. Different shades of blue and gray make the interiors look very different. The lamp shade also has an elegant touch. The curtains are done in dark blue to keep away light as and when needed.

7.Contemporary Family Room Idea

Contemporary-Family-Room -Idea
This is a small cosy room with a long L shaped comfortable sofa set. There is a small center table with a flower arrangement. The window lets in natural light all the time. The book shelf covers one wall completely and can store all your books, magazines and other show pieces.

8.Eclectic Media Room Idea


This room is done up in all bright hues. The dark maroon sofa against the pale walls creates a very nice contrast. The cushions also throw in some colour. There is a small side table and the television cabinet can also hold other gadgets.

9.Contemporary Living Room Idea


The beauty of this room is its huge window that gives a beautiful view and a lot of fresh air. There are two small shelves in order to let you store your books and magazines and other knick knacks. There is also a small TV cabinet and two lamp shades of different styles.

10.Traditional Living Room With Long White And Black Curtains


This room is completely done in black and white. The curtains, wall decor, sofa set and the ceiling paint,all follow the same pattern and it is suitable for people who have an artistic side to them.




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