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10 Small Conservatories Ideas

When the weather is warm, many people tend to go to nearby local gardens , swimming pool or use an outdoor space for relaxation and enjoying the sun.  For those luck enough to have large house spaces they make extensions to build a conservatory or sunroom for summer weather.  Conservatories are very British formulated designs. Conservatories are rooms that have a glass roof and usually with or without glass walls. The conservatories are joined to the house from one side that is seen as a green house where plants are displayed. A sun lounge is ideal for the conservatories.

Conservatory spaces can also be used as an extended house expansion if you think you no longer want to have a conservatory for summer weathers or the family has simple grown and you need some additional space.  Here are some 10 inspirational small conservatories ideas .

Kitchen in Conservatory Extension

conservatory extension

A kitchen based conservatory that has a triangular shaped roof but in white wood panels and multiple square glass tiles. Four glass windows with steel handle are provided to give a manageable comfort. A small twig placed on the vase is kept near the window and from the window one can see the big plants swaying. Small inverted glass shaped bulbs are hung above the steel sink.

Conservatory Space with green roof

conservary design

A wicker based conservatory is the idea behind it. A pale green color shamiana is hung like a low tent with many folds in between. Up and down glass window in square shape forms the two sides and a narrow glass door with red small bricks abounding the door and a portion of the corner wall. A farm fresh look is given with black iron wheel barrow kept for the potted plants. Cane chairs and a cane dining table with glass top gives it a dining room feel too.

Conservatory with Extensive Glass windows

glass house ddesign

A small curvy in house conservatory with box style glass windows surrounds the entire wall and a low wall jutting outside for keeping pictures is the idea behind the theme. Again cane dining table and chairs with cane pots for long leaf like plants is kept. The tiles have a matt finish with somber color.

Beautiful Green And white wallpaper

wallpaered conservatory
A dining room feel is given to the conservatories. Fern shaped leaf blinds on white base that act as a rolling curtain in stiff paper fills the windows. White porcelain pots are kept near the sofa gives a fresh feel. It is also a garden living room. The sofa is of two kinds- one that is black corduroy with cushions and another sofa that has a self print leaf shaped cover and a low white table.

Modern Kitchen Design in Conservatory Extension

Modern Kitchen Design

A glass based observatory with white modern table and chair that gives it an open kitchen and dining table feel is the idea behind the interior. A big glass door and canopy form of ceiling in entire glass is ideal from which all the plants from the outside are visible from inside.

Art Décor Modern dining in Conservatory extension

Modern dining in Conservatory

The ceiling is in an inclined shape but with square soft tiles that look like it is a false ceiling. In one corner a yellow poster hangs. Round glass lamp shade adds to the beauty of the conservatory. From a wide glass one can see the outside trees.

Vintage Styled Conservatory

Vintage Styled Conservatory

A vintage styled conservatory with full glass surrounding the room and sturdy wicker chairs, two huge Persian style vase and criss cross long dome shaped hangar piece gives a different feel to it. The outside view seems spectacular from inside.

Antique Style Dining Room

Greco- Persian style conservatory

A Greco- Persian style conservatory calm dining room with matte finished dome shaped lights overlooking an array of porcelain plates, small green leaves in mini porcelain vase alongside the plates with a shelf full of designer plates and goblet glasses stands.

Very airy green house

conservatory dining room

Very airy green house with tall glass and wide glass door, bushy plant inside and comfortable chairs surrounding the table with a white candle stand and fruits kept on top of the table is a very luscious feel.

Sunroom with two yellow Chairs

Sunroom design

A shelf layered ceiling with glass and white wooden panels with canary color sofas, an in built seating bench for dining and numerous windows with rug style curtain roll up and a glass cage lamp hanging from the top gives a sophisticated feel.

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