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10 Scandinavian Hall Way Design Ideas

Doing up a hallway in creative way not only can spruce up the look of any house, but also can give it a nice makeover from its boring look. Pretty much like you need a haircut or a makeover once in a while, your home needs it as well. Hall way is one area which is often left unattended, but has amazing potential as to completely altering the look of any dull house.

A well maintained and decorated hall way gives a warm welcome to your guests when they enter into your home. Find below 10 Scandinavian hall way design ideas in order to give your home a brand new look. We hope you like them.

1. White Narrow Hall Way

brown tiled hall way

The key behind doing up an all white narrow hall way is to keep it simple. Since the space is a constraint, hence you should stick to minimalistic decor. The white bench and cupboard blends well with the color theme, while the polka dotted black cushions add to its appeal.

 2.  Wooden Panelling On The Wall

narrow hall way

Image source: hemnet

This particular hallway decor is based on warm hues. The wooden panelling on the wall, the vintage chandelier, and old school carpeting all blend together to create a fine looking hallway.

red and white hall way3. A Multi-Coloured Rug Adorns The Floor

 multi-coloured rug
Image source: hemnet

This all white room has been nicely decked up with a right balance of colons. A multicoloured rug adorns the floor while the wall on the left has come alive with a magnificent golden bordered mirror. A chic wooden table adds to the look and a comfortable chair completes the picture.

4. Hallway Decor  Kept Minimalistic

hall way with black tiles
Image source: hemnet

This hallway decor has been kept minimalistic with a textured white rug on the granite floor to compliment the white walls. Simple wooden furniture has been added to the decor.

5. Give Your Hallway a Nice Organic Feel

white hall way with white sofa and white walls
Image source: hemnet

If you want to give your hallway a nice organic feel to it, this option will work best. With a lot of green against the white, this decor is quite fresh. A comfortable white couch, golden framed photographs on the wall and a sleek wooden table completes the look.


6. Right Combination of Colours

white painted hallway
Image source: hemnet

The right combination of colours has been aptly used in this hallway decor to bring out the all white interiors. In order to keep it fresh a nice blue rug has been used. A sleek wrought iron table, a round wall clock and a set of two photo frames bring new dimension to the look.

 7. Bright Orange door And Rug Complimenting it

white dots rug hallway

Image source: hemnet

All though the walls are white, a dash of color has been added to the decor with the bright orange door and the rug complimenting it. A vase of fresh flowers on top of the extended mirror table is a perfect add-on.

8.  Different shades of white and black

A rug in beige and white bench

Image source: hemnet

This hallway decor is quite contemporary working with different shades of white and black a wall has been highlighted using leaf patterns to spruce up the decor. A rug in beige and white bench against the highlighted wall is a great add on. The final look is completed with cherry blossom vases on the window.

9. A Chic Glass Vase in Olive

 chic glass vase in olive

Image source: hemnet

A perfect example of how minimalistic can be gorgeous; this decor features a chic glass vase in olive with an ornamental vine, right beside a white bench with a silk bottle green. A wooden table and two photo frames on the wall complete the entire look.

10. Pages of a Pink Paper newspaper effect

 newspaper effect in hallway

Image source: hemnet

This hall decor is an unique way of doing up a portion of your house. Here pages of a pink paper have been stuck to the wall to create a newspaper effect while on the other side, green bamboo shoots have been used to decorate.

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