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10 Modern Modular Wall Units For Living Room

 Modular wall units are fast getting common in modern apartments given their amazing benefits. The most significant aspect of the modern modular wall units is their space saving features. Space is quite a problem for the contemporary apartments and with increasing appliances, the problem is getting bigger. In such a situation, the modern modular wall units are a bliss- as they are always attached to the unused wall space, your floor space is not disturbed and you get to utilize the floor part as you wish to.

Besides, the modular wall units will act as great attachments to store your valuables ranging from books to DVDs to show pieces to other knick-knacks. You can order for customizable modular wall units. Are you interested in getting modular wall units for living room? Well, here are 10 great designs for your inspiration.

1.   Modular Wall Units On Both The Walls

Smartly designed living space

This living space has been very smartly designed with modular wall units on both the walls. On one side you have you have the very inviting book shelves attached to the wall to store your literary wonders and on the other side you have racks to preserve the reel magic.

2.   Long Rectangular Wall

The wall has been channelized intelligently into modular book shelf

The long rectangular wall has been channelized intelligently into modular book shelf without disturbing the floor space – where you can comfortably place your chair and get lost in the pages. On the other hand, the wall unit beside the TV aptly acts as the storage for your favourite videos.

3.   Plain White Wall

The wall looks really interesting with the attached book racks

The otherwise plain white wall looks really interesting with the attached book racks, much to the utmost pleasure of the book lovers in the house. The different vases here and there in between the books create a smart contrast.

4.   White Modular Wall Attached Book Shelve

Natural greenery adds to the vibrant style of the wall bunit system

The white modular wall-attached book shelves make the entire space really inviting- the natural greenery in between the books looks oh so charming.

5.   Wall Attached Modular Units

Living room with floating wall units

The wall attached modular units just adjacent to the grand TV make a smart storage for your treasured videos. The presence of green glass in between the shelves adds on a great contrasting appeal.

6.   Grey Wall Unit For The TV

Fantastic grey wall unit

If you are looking to get a unique look to your TV area, this grey wall unit for the TV would be fantastic against the deep blue backdrop. The little shelf below the TV holder is great to store your DVD player.

7.   Sleek Floating Wall Units

Floating sleek wall units have rendered a dramatic appeal to the room

The floating sleek wall units have rendered a dramatic appeal to the room with their functional storage benefits for TV and DVDs – and their classy look has duly upped the glam quotient of the space.

8.   Attached Wall Units

Wall unit system with rich wooden finishes

The attached wall units help to create a streamlined and clean look for the entire room while their dark wooden finish adds on rich elegance and warmth to the inviting ambience of the living space.

9.   Classy Wall Units

Living room with classy wall units

These wall units speaks of variety and class blended together. While the dark TV holder oozes elegance the colourful cabinets on the other side of the wall add on vibrancy to the space.

10.   Burnt Amber Modular Wall Unit

Modular wall unit serves as a suave book shelf

The burnt amber modular wall unit serves as a suave book shelf sans disturbing the living floor space. The L sofa and the beige carpet render sophistication to the room.


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