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10 Inspirational Modern Minimalist Lounge Designs

Down sets overloaded! When you want to visually enlarge the space, nothing like that leave room for the essentials. Yes, by sorting and by prioritizing the sleek trend and good storage, the interior seems more spacious without that we have had to push the walls. Simple but effective minimalist lounge.

Minimalist lounge is one of the best modern styles, that will bring brightness, elegance and freshness into your daily living. If you decide for decorating your lounge in this famous style you will have a amazing room full with positive energy where you can charge your energies. Generally a lot of people for decorating minimalist style are using classy shades like white, grey and black, however, it is not necessarily sticking to these subdued shades .

1. White sofa with white wall color.


This small space minimalist living room design is made of wooden floor, white painted walls and two good sized windows that brings light during the day time. For furniture they have used a nice to seaters white sofa and a small oval shaped coffee table.  For additional chairs they have put an arm chair at the corner next to the windows and a round stool . A bit of green has been added to the living room too by the use of a flower pot next to the wall art décor.

2. Glass panel window and door with white wall. 


This small minimalist living room looks bigger just by looking at it. Furniture was arranged in a clever manner with lots of space left for fresh air. The simple two to three seaters chair next to the painted canvas was used, a small coffee table and two modern relaxation chairs. The rug in the middle of furniture and wooden floor provides a cosy feel to the small living room.

3. Bright long Window Curtain with wooden chair & table. 


Whenever we hear the term minimalist, we usually imagine a small space – well, that was how someone responded when we asked them what comes to their mind when they hear this word. Well, the term was derived from a movement in the arts after World War II. Today we show you pictures show very little furniture – the important things to the living room and everything is great!


4. Center Sofa with small Center table


This minimalist living room has unique modern feel. The living room has really nice colour scheme coordination.  The floor is made of wood, the walls are painted in greenish colour and the curtains used a cream white with a bit of brown complementing the rug on the floor.  Wall art deco was used to bring the living room to life and a fireplace area as a focal point in the living room.


5. A big white Sofa with big Glass Window


Minimalist lounge spaces that we will show you a variety of categories such as modern, contemporary, chic, even traditional living spaces we are sure that you will definitely love. Keep in mind that for this type of pieces, designers and homeowners want to maximize their space to a minimum. Sofa, coffee table and maybe some rugs and lamps! Take a look!


6. Modern design chair & table with traditional Sofa.


The use of yellow, pink, grey and white colour schemes in this open space minimalist kitchen and living room combination is noticeable.   The bright colours brightens up the home interiors and the minimal furniture used creates bags of space in this house.

7. Glass panel wall looks stunning gives light and air. 


Minimalist living room is one of the best modern styles, which provide brightness, elegance and freshness in your room the day. If you decide to decorate your living room in this famous style, you have a beautiful full of positive energy room where you can recharge your batteries. The white walls allow small decorations on the wall to stand. The chimney also looks great with this simple space – but certainly it is a stylish and well designed living room.

8. Open window with traditional chair & sofa. 


The living room minimalist design is defined by the absence of any artifice and simple, refined design. Decorated with a palette of natural or pastel colors, it is a place dedicated to relaxation and escape that leaves only the essentials. Discover image shows design minimalist style. Showcasing the color or materials, lounge minimalist design is usually an unusual place that conceals storage space and decorative elements. Simple and elegant, colorful or all white, very sleek design showroom highlight the soul of the place, it clears through the presence of windows, a fireplace or an alcove to create a universe relaxing. A heavenly piece of warmth and comfort for the home. Minimal decoration or furniture does not necessarily mean that we sacrifice the beauty and comfort!


9. Corner Book Selves and Fireplace gives lots of space.


One can learn how to use colours to brighten up the room and give it homely feel.  This living room is obviously small and it uses minimal furniture for décor. The big colourful art picture and picture frames on the wall decorates the interiors of this home. The colourful rug , the white seat and two arm chairs go well with all colours used in this room.  The bookshelf and fireplace on the corner are center of attention in this minimalist living room.

10. Skylights and the modern design chair & table gives the room a bigger look.


This room shows the clever use of the attic space. A minimalist living room with plenty of space was created in this attic living room with a few furniture around the room.  There is enough space for the dining area and living room with minimal but enough furniture.

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