Townhouse backyard with tiles in the middle

Townhouse backyard design ideas

Townhouse backyard design looks gorgeous in the house which is well maintained. Some arrange for grass and plants. They surrounded with gravel paths and stones. Amidst all this there are structures like benches and other sitting arrangement where you can sit in shade. Some shade plants can also be added up in the townhouse backyard design. You can take inspiration from other backyards but innovation and creativity wins laurels. The key for a blooming backyard is to keep simple and basic. You can include curved path as well as gravel path. Much colour does not look good as the colours are provided by the flowers that bloom in the backyard. The beauty has to be kept natural as much as possible. Here are the ideas:-

1. Brooklyn Townhouse Backyard Landscape

Brooklyn townhouse backyard design

The backyard design has a stone wall on one side and net like structure to protect the invaders from jumping straight away into the house. Narrow and tall plants like fern grow on both the sides and there is a black colour dining table for having breakfast.

2. Greenwich Village Townhouse Backyard

Townhouse backyard design

Layer like wooden panels fill the two walls and a big silver colour stove lies amidst them. You can have a peaceful barbecue in the place in bright sunshine early in the morning and under the moonlight as well.

3. Terraced House Exterior Bourke, Sydney Australia

Terraced house exterior backyard design

From the backyard the entire house comes to life which has glass all over the place and a white wall outside with potted plant. The backyard gets the light from the house itself.

4.  Bernal View Garden Designed by the Garden Route Co. USA

Townhouse backyard with tiles in the middle

Tiles are there in the backyard in the middle and all over there are plants and surrounded by flower pots as well. It is a garden’s paradise to look at.

5. Parade Ascot Vale Patio Victoria, Australia

Parade Ascot Vale Patio design

Tiles and wooden structure with plants are filled and light comes all through the place. The structure has wooden furnishing and glass filled as doors.

6.  Presidio Heights Contemporary Landscape San Francisco

Contemporary landscape design

A deep overlooking area from up can be seen and plants are filled all over the place. The place looks serene. It gives a tranquil place.

7. Contemporary Landscape Portland,Washington

Contemporary landscape design

There are oases of grassy patch and are of light green colour. It looks like resort and dining tables are arranged. You can spend the entire day sitting and lounging in the place.

8. Patio in Salt lake city

Townhouse backyard design

A lounge area with black dining area has a place and big trunks are structured. Grassy area is provided and marble bench. You can enjoy the entire place in a much needed space.

9.  Lorraine Vale landscape Charleston

Lorraine Vale landscape design

Chestnut brown structure of the building stands on one side of the backyard and there are seating arrangements outside of it. Grass is provided for much needed greenery. A gravel path is built across the house where you can walk through. It is a narrow path yet beautiful to look at.

10.  Green Grass And white Stone Backyard

Townhouse backyard design

Modern look with garage is the idea of the backyard. There are trees all over the place that have big trunk and in the centre outside lie the sofa. It is a comfortable place and area to sit on. Cosy corner welcomes you to the beautiful cocoon where you can rest in peace.

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