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Cool Environment Friendly Ideas for your Rooftop

Cool Environment Friendly Ideas for your Rooftop of your building rooftops used to be bland and unattractive. However, it is a known fact that rooftops offer good view of the neighborhood or the metro just outside your building. One can usually see rooftops in cities with tall and towering buildings and lesser plants and trees. With the right amount of fixing and beautifying, you can turn your rooftops into a good place to hang out with friends and families while contributing to the betterment of the environment. Here are environment friendly rooftop garden designs that will help enhance your rooftops.

First, you need to design what kind of garden you’d like to have in your rooftop. A vegetable garden would be a good kind to have especially if you are the type who likes to eat freshly picked vegetables and greens. It can also be very helpful for the health of your family, as it is also practical since you don’t need to buy vegetables from supermarkets.

1. Lettuce and Carrots Add Up

Lettuce and Carrots Add Up

You can have rows for vegetables like lettuce and carrots. You can also put trellis for vines like eggplants, while for tomatoes you can have them planted in pots.

2. Seating Space

Seating Space

You can add seating spaces around the vegetable garden so you can still have time to enjoy the view and relax from planting your vegetables.  This way you add more charm to your rooftop vegetable garden.

3. Flower Vegetable Planting

Flower Vegetable Planting

A flower garden may also be a good design for your rooftop garden, if you are not really into vegetable planting. A flower garden can also be incorporated with chairs and tables for you to relax and enjoy just like you normally would in a garden.

4. Padding Designed Ideas

Padding Designed Ideas

You can use comfortable removable paddings for the chairs as they can be easily kept when it rains. Also make sure that your chairs and tables can stand heat and rain as they won’t be sheltered by any roof. You can also put your flowered plants in pots and trim them to make them look well-kept.

5. Patio Ideas

Diversey Color bound

You can also add a roofed patio to your rooftop garden to have a place to hang out even if it’s raining. You can have vines and hanging plants attached to it to make it adapt with the whole garden.

6. Lush Garden Concept

Lush Garden Concept

A lush garden is also a very beautiful design for a rooftop garden as it can be wild and attractive at the same time. You can have all the plants you want arranged in a mismatched manner but it will still look very well kept. You can have small trees in big pots and you can even have a fountain to complete that lush flower garden look.

7. Minimalistic Design

custom mediation deck made of solid steel

A Zen garden can also be a great design for a rooftop garden. A Zen garden is a minimalist garden with few plants and gives a very calm and ordered look. They are often characterized with landscaped grass and rock formations.

8. Zen Garden

 Zen Garden

You can also scatter pebbles and sand around your garden area if you’re going for the Zen garden look. Try to incorporate statuettes and other Zen and Asian looking ornaments in your garden.

9. Vegetables All the Way

 Cooling Rooftop Gardens

Whatever design you chose for your rooftop garden whether it be a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or a Zen garden, always bear in mind the relaxation it would give you to plant the seeds you want to see grow. You can have two garden designs together if you want.

10. Roof Garden Exterior

Roof Garden Exterior

Just like the photo above which shows a flower garden but with Zen garden touches to it. Never be afraid to experiment on the plants you want to grow. Just remember that you should take care of your rooftop garden because in today’s times, it is very unusual to see patches of green in urban and metropolitan areas.

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