Garden pond waterfall

Astonishing Garden Pond Waterfalls Design

Water is man’s most basic need. We can live without food for days and live but without water we die. The sound of water, whether it is rushing, pattering, flowing, trickling or flooding wakes in all of us a reaction based on what we hear and see. A big waterfall with its rushing water keeps us silent in awe but we leave the scene feeling refreshed and at peace. Hence, the idea of having our own small waterfall in our homes has designers scrambling to give the best design. Some homeowners are lucky to have pond in their properties but for some who do not have that makes use of a waterfall kit that doesn’t cost much; it’s the landscaping that will count. Here are some astonishing pond waterfalls designs meant to awe and inspire you.

1. Astonishing Man Made Pond Waterfall

Pond waterfall designed with two levels

This astonishing man made pond waterfall is designed with two levels. The upper level falls into the lower and rushes down to the pond. Big boulders were used for the waterfalls and small white stones scattered in the pond area.

2. Small Waterfall Design

Lovely waterfall

This small waterfall design is lovely. The big boulders were compactly and artistically designed to imitate a waterfall with one flat boulder serving as a table for two. A kitchen was placed on the side and a planter box on the other with flowers.

3. High Cascading Waterfall

The waterfall flowed into a small pond

The beautiful combination of black and white boulders made a high cascading waterfall that flowed into a small pond complete with water lily plants.

4. Fantastic Waterfall Garden

Waterfall garden with a large block of cement tile

This is a fantastic waterfall garden that is a feast to the eyes. A large block of cement tile was cleverly used as a bridge over the pond filled with koi. Another cement block was used as the flat surface from where the water passes before it falls down to the small stone tiles.

5. Wonderful Waterfall Design

Small waterfall flowing down to a long cemented pond

Tranquility is achieved every time one sits on the small wooden bench listening to the small waterfall that is made from big stones. The wonderful design of this waterfall is that it falls from one level to another before reaching the pond.

6. Garden With Steps And Waterfall

Garden pond waterfall

This garden with steps and waterfall is an oasis in the middle of civilization. The sight and sound of a cascading waterfall as you go down the steps would be a relaxing experience.

7. Fabulous Waterfall Design

Fabulous garden pond waterfall

The several levels of waterfall make this a fabulous design. A small pond on a higher level where water stays put before cascading down to the main pond makes this garden fantastic.

8. Wonderful Waterfall Design

Small waterfall flowing down to a long cemented pond

The small waterfall flowing down to a long cemented pond is a wonderful design. It is designed right for the room with a terrace, a small garden and a small waterfall.

9. Small Cascading Waterfall

The patio is built right in front of a waterfal

The patio built right in front of a small cascading waterfall would be a great place to relax and entertain. The plants flanking the waterfall make this a serene and tranquil garden.

10. Spread Out Waterfall

Wterfall surrounded with big trees

This garden has it all. The big trees all around, lush plants, large white tiles as stepping stones and a spread out waterfall in the middle of this makes this an awesome garden.


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