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Wonderful Island Kitchen Designs for Modern Kitchens

Wonderful Island Kitchen Designs for Modern Kitchens assures that you will come up with a great and pleasant creation. Don’t worry on the space and lack of materials, instead use every details of your stuff. Think of a wonderful ideas like in the knowledge below. Kitchen islands have been around for a long time. It is an innovative way to add more working space to your kitchen, as it also is an additional space for dinning by adding chairs to the kitchen island area.

There are many popular designs for kitchen islands, however, let’s take a peek on how island kitchen designs are like for modern kitchens.

1. Wooden Table Kitchen

Wooden Table Kitchen

For modern kitchen islands you’ll often find that there is a separate area that will serve as food preparation area, while another part is for the dining area. The separation is a good idea as it gives the owner the luxury of cooking and preparing food while entertaining guests at the same time.

2. Delightful Modern Kitchen

Delightful Modern Kitchen

Also, this idea is a great time saver, as one can enjoy the food immediately after preparing it, ensuring a hot and fresh meal. One’s saved from the bother of immediately cleaning up the kitchen island before feasting on the food, as the dining area is situated on the other part of the kitchen island.

3. Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design

Most modern kitchen islands are also designed to have drawers and cabinets. Storage spaces it seems are very vital for modern designed kitchen islands. They can also be very well disguised and look very sleek and organized.

4. Cabinet White Island

Cabinet White Island

These modern kitchen islands clad with cabinets also look good in wooden style or brown shades. This also gives the kitchen island a more natural and pleasant look. Also it gives an additional charm as you match wooden designs to the modern kitchen appliances that are found in the kitchen.

5. Kitchen with Unique Chairs

Kitchen with Unique Chairs

Modern kitchen island designs also give way to modern chairs. Modern designed chairs for current kitchen islands can be in the form of artistic and crafty bar stools. Bar stools are often used as they are more convenient because they don’t take up too much space.

6. Clean and Fresh Woody Kitchen

Clean and Fresh Woody Kitchen

It is also a good idea to match modern looking bar stools with a clean wooden looking kitchen island. Stools made of metal and upholstered padded seat easily gives the up to date charm to the whole kitchen island area.

7. Functional Small Island Kitchen

Functional Small Island Kitchen

White is also a common color for recent kitchen islands. White gives off that warm and fresh effect especially when it is matched with other colors. One can go for a more girly kitchen look by pairing white with pastel colors, or go for the more masculine look by pairing white with black, brown, or other deep colors.

8. Glassy island Kitchen

Glassy island Kitchen

Pairing white with glass materials can also give off a very modern look for your kitchen. Glass tabletop for your kitchen island is a very nice twist to the usual. Matching white stools or seating areas also complete that sleek and chic look.

9. Lighting Kitchen Island Ideas

Lighting Kitchen Island Ideas

It is also nice to keep the kitchen island design in line with the whole theme of the kitchen, this way the kitchen looks more put together and organized. As an example you can have your kitchen island in the same warm brown color and design as the rest of the kitchen.

10. Compact Modern Kitchen

Compact Modern Kitchen

One can also make the kitchen island stand out by having it in a different color than the rest of the kitchen as long as it goes well with the whole theme. You can have a white good looking kitchen island, while the rest of the kitchen is in dark brown shade.

Modern island kitchen designs are very efficient as they are often characterized with drawers and storage spaces. With that, modern kitchen islands are also very convenient and practical. Not only that, they are also very nice-looking and functional.

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