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10 Warm and Grey Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

So you are setting up your new kitchen, and looking for colour palettes to glam it up. Now as far as your kitchen is concerned, few shades fit aptly with any decor. First, is a grey tone, which is perfect to give your kitchen cabinets a contemporary look, while for a traditional look warm tones are absolutely perfect. Now, when you are picking up tones, keep in mind the rest of the accessories of your kitchen.

For instance how much space you have, what elements you are going to include in your kitchen, what colour palette has been used in your kitchen. Read on for further details on Warm and Grey Kitchen Cabinets Ideas Room With Grey Cabinets And Warm Wooden Floor

Grey has been predominantly used in this kitchen decor

Grey has been predominantly used in this kitchen décor in all the kitchen cabinets. A muted almost matt grey has been used which fits in perfectly with the warm wood work that has been used on the floor.

2.This Kitchen Features Grey Cabinets And Other Storage Units

 The kitchen also features metal chandeliers in stee

Talk about a kitchen at its contemporary best. This kitchen features grey cabinets and other storage units, painted rustically, to give it an almost a raw appeal. It blends in perfectly with the beige tiles flooring. The kitchen also features metal chandelier

Contemporary Kitchen with brown wooden cabinets in steel

brown wooden cabinets

perfect blend of warm and grey, this kitchen features brown wooden cabinets, while the walls are in grey. The countertops, bar stools and kitchen fixtures feature a metallic steel colour, which complements the warm cabinets.

Cabinets Feature Dark Grey Tone

dark grey kitchen

This kitchen decor is slightly off beat are doesn’t look like a regular kitchen. The cabinets are one both side of the kitchen counter which has been installed right in the centre. The cabinets feature a dark grey tone which complements the warm flooring.

 Warm wooden shade on the Cabinets

 brown wooden cabinets

Wooden laminates on the floor of this kitchen match perfectly the warm wooden shade on the cabinets. The rest of the elements feature metallic tone in steel which adds to the grandness of the decor.

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen

white and warm tone kitchen

Quiet minimalistic, this decor features nice clean shapes. The cabinets are in white and warm tones, which mutes down dark grey highlighted wall to give the kitchen a nice classy yet contemporary appeal. The rest of the walls also feature a white tone.

Kitchen décor features warm wooden work done

Gorgeous Kitchen Décor

This gorgeous kitchen decor features warm wooden work done on its cabinets and flooring which fits in perfectly with white counter tops. Metal hardware has been used on the cabinets which complements the warm tone.

French Cabinet door windows

French kitchen windows

The entire kitchen decor is in white and the cabinets are no exception. The cabinets feature a look of French windows, which glam up the kitchen quite a lot. The flooring is white, which matches the all white decor.

Grey and off White Kitchen Cabinets

Grey and off white kitchen color

In this kitchen a both grey and off white cabinets have been used, off white ones on the top and grey on the bottom. The floor features warm wooden laminate work and brings the look together.

transitional kitchen design

If you like a kitchen which is nice and clean and gives you a hassle free look, this decor fits in perfectly. The cabinets and rest of the elements are in white and the floors in warm.


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