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Timeless farmhouse kitchen furniture

Farmhouses of old used simple designed furniture that are made of wood and made by the man of the house. Wood planks or slabs were made either dining tables or a kitchen table used as a countertop. Cabinets were built but the most popular were the open shelves. Eventually designers saw that the furniture that was used in the farmhouse was made of quality wood and the simple designs that were made out of it has character. Nowadays, people are forever looking for the perfect farmhouse furniture. Some of the furniture is the genuine article but most of the time custom made reproductions are made. Whatever it is, here are some farmhouse kitchen furniture designs that are timeless.

1.   Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet storage

This cabinet has a unique design. It is used to store trays. Trays, cookie sheets, and pizza pans are so hard to store. This cabinet shows how easy it would be to store them away.

2.   Three Kitchen Islands

Three Kitchen Islands

Image source: sd-supply

This big farmhouse kitchen has three kitchen islands that are ideal for storage spaces. They can also be kitchen counter tops and a dining table as well.

3.   Modern Farmhouse Furniture Design

Furniture Design

This long kitchen island with a granite countertop is a modern farmhouse furniture design. The open shelves at the base can store crockery and wine. It also serves as a dining table.

4. Angled Wall End Cabinet

 Angled Wall End Cabinet

Image source: cliqstudios

This is an angle cabinet that was built at the side of an existing cabinet. It gave additional storage space while looking great as well.

5.  Pull-Out Cabinet

kitchen pull out cabinet

Image source: heartwoodkitchens

This is a long and slim recessed shelf on the wall. It saves space as shelf is tucked in to the wall after getting stored things from it.

6. Open Kitchen Shelves

Open Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen cabinets are mainstays of the farmhouse kitchen. The open shelves are reproductions and the closed cabinets are modern designs. The wood used is distressed and looks like it is old.

7. Fitted Kitchen

Fitted Kitchen

Image source: herts builders

A modern designed farmhouse kitchen where the microwave and electric oven are placed in recessed cabinets to save space. The glass covered cabinets give storage space as well as the closed cabinets.

8. Custom Built Spice Cabinet

Custom Built Spice Cabinet

Image source: homeprotricities

This cabinet is a nice idea. It is called the spice cabinet and the design on its door is unique. It is the right size to store spices and condiments that would have to share spaces with other kitchen products.

9. Stove Built into Kitchen Island

red Kitchen Island

The open shelves cabinet is an authentic replica and the glass covered cabinets as well. The wrought iron rack suspended above the stove is a lovely idea of storing pots and pans and easy to retrieve as well. The two identical tables flanking the stove have closed bases that give additional storage space and look great as well.

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