Kitchen Island and stools
Kitchen Room

Stylish French Farmhouse Kitchen Design

The French are renowned for their great food and wines. Small villages that dot France have cottages and farmhouses that represent true French cooking. Adventuresome tourists have explored these farms and have been captivated not only with the food and wine that has been offered and tasted but also for the simple elegance of the designs they have in their homes. Parisians have sleek, modern and sophisticated designs but the provincials still adhere to the old tradition of refined taste in their ways, and in the decors of their homes. The French farmhouse kitchen is one of the rooms that are being emulated because of the coziness and warmth they exhibit even when it also has understated style. Here are some stylish French farmhouse kitchen designs that may transport you to France.

 1.  Yellow Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen

Image source: wittconstruction

The bold red color used in the small cabinets and wall of the stove makes a statement to this French inspired kitchen. The red color contrasted marvelously with the yellow colored cabinets and the white ceiling. The big gold colored lamps are a nice accent.

 2. Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island and stools

image source: corynnepless

Extending the counter adjacent to the sink area made an instant dining table. The metal rack suspended above the table is a great place to store pots and pans and gave a statement to the kitchen as well.

 3. Small white kitchen

small kitchen

This small white kitchen has a great idea for the sink. The large size has spaces at its side that can hold wet plates after being washed. The cracked marble design makes it look dated and gave this kitchen a design of simple elegance.

4. focal point of this kitchen

backsplash design

image source: linda floyd

The backsplash design in front of the stove is the focal point of this kitchen. Its dark color matched the dark green color of the hood and made a fantastic contrast to the elegant wood cabinets. The small black Eiffel tower metal replica is a nice touch.

 5. French inspired kitchen

 antique glass designs

The antique glass designs used on the cabinets are the focal point of this French inspired kitchen. The ornate design of the lamp over the sink is a nice accent.

 6. kitchen utensils

kitchen utensils

The kitchen utensils lined up on the walls in front of the stove give easy accessibility when needed. The panel placed in front of the marble designed hood became a great sport for decors.

7. Farmhouse Kitchen

French Kitchen Door

image source: Debra Campbell design

This small space shared by dining and kitchen looks fantastic. The design over the French door is lovely. The mismatched curtains used on the doors and windows contrasted very well and made this a bright and cheery kitchen.

 8. Marble Countertop

 Marble Countertop

image source: fiorelladesign

This super white kitchen is simple but stylish. The marble countertop is fantastic and the big sink another lovely design.

 9.  Cheerful Kitchen

french kitchen style

This is a bright and cheerful kitchen that looks so wonderful. Everything seems to harmonize together and makes you feel comfortable when you enter it.

10. Big Kitchen Sink

 Big Kitchen Sink

The big sink draws the eye when you enter this kitchen. The big plant in a very white big ceramic vase is a nice accent.

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