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10 Slate Kitchen Countertops Designs

Slate Kitchen Countertops is a style that feels you to be more lively looked that we just find so cozy. Deciding a material for your kitchen countertop can be difficult. Slate is used for roofing and flooring. But nowadays, slate is also used as a material for countertops. It gives charm and ample ardor kitchen. Slate is known to be economic and it makes your indoors look classy and domesticated.

Slate is relatively dense and resistant to stains. If there are any scratches, it can be easily patched up with an appropriate tone of polymer. It has no property of reflectivity either. Slate is also available in variegated colors.

Here are some ideas on slate kitchen countertop designs.

Slate is softer than granite but harder than marble. It has an uneven appearance that many find aesthetically appealing. A simple wash with soap of water is the method of maintenance for slate. This is a kind of material that is not conducive for bacterial build up.


1. Richness and Variegated Colored Kitchen

Richness and Variegated Colored Kitchen

The richness and variegated colors of this slate countertop gives a classy feels to your kitchen. It is totally slick.

2. Black Slate Countertop

Black Slate Countertop

The bright kitchen, a black slate countertop and white cabinets is perfect for some. It keeps the design completely classic and functional.

3. Classic White Kitchen Design

Classic White Kitchen Design

A slate countertop with a farmhouse sink, this simple kitchen design is perfect to some people. This is a classic kitchen design.

4. White Painted Brick Kitchen

White Painted Brick Kitchen

A white painted brick kitchen with slate countertops. The colors of the kitchen complement all together which is pleasing to the eyes. Simple kitchens are what most people aim for.

5. Fabulous Black and White Kitchen

Fabulous Black and White Kitchen

This kitchen is in good shape especially with its slate kitchen countertop. With the right decorations and combination of colors, a slate countertop would be a great addition to your fabulous kitchen.

6. Wooden Style Kitchen

Wooden Style Kitchen

This kitchen is simple with a slate kitchen countertop. You can see that the owner is just a simple but neat person. Choosing slate as a material to your countertop is a smart decision since it is easy to maintain and clean.

7. Freestanding Kitchen Design

Freestanding Kitchen Design

This kitchen is freestanding. It has a slate countertop. The colors complement the room which gives a good ambiance. This kitchen suits to someone who loves cooking and needs an easy maintenance countertops.

8. Classy Look Kitchen

Classy Look Kitchen

If you want a big kitchen but at the same time, would like the maintenance of the countertops to be easy, you should have a slate kitchen countertop. It is easy to clean and it gives your kitchen a classy look. You will never regret spending for your kitchen.

9. Amazing Vibrant Colored Kitchen

Amazing Vibrant Colored Kitchen

A slate countertop combine with amazing colors will make your kitchen classy and pleasing to the eyes.

10. Elegant Slate Kitchen Design

Elegant Slate Kitchen Design

A slate countertop will resist damage from heat which means that when you are cooking, you can put a hot pan in your countertop without destroying your countertop. Like other countertops, slate is not resistant to cuts so it is not advisable to cut on the countertops. But slate does give you an advantage when it comes to heat. It evenly distributes heat all through out that damage will be less likely. Slate is usually unsealed so there will be no burnt or melted layers.

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