black slate countertops with slate farmhouse-style sink
Kitchen Room

Inspirational Slate Countertops Designs

If you want a countertop that has good looks, great durability and non-porous surface, then you should opt for slate countertops designs. They are easy to clean and requires less maintenance compared to granite, marble or concrete. This is a kind of material that works well in kitchens, bathrooms and wet bars. The subtle shifting in coloration is less bold compared to marble or granite. Slate does not have the tendency to harbor bacteria and it easier to clean than other materials. It does not absorb liquids so you do not have to worry about stains from juice, oil and cleaners since they do not penetrate the surface. The durability of slate is very appealing in kitchens and bathrooms. It would not easily chip in and get scratched and stands up to heat very heat. It is more affordable compared to granite and marble. To sum it up, slate is attractive, durable, east maintain and clean. Investing in slate can be easier and very worth it once you get to experience what slate has to offer you. This is really great for someone who does not really like cleaning a lot and for someone who does not have the luxury of time to spend for cleaning. Aside from this, it is a long lasting material.

1.   Beauty And Richness Slate Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen with beauty and richness slate kitchen countertop

The beauty and richness of slate here is used as a kitchen counter top.

2.   kitchen With Black Slate Countertop

black slate countertops with slate farmhouse-style sink

This kitchen features the black slate counter tops and slate farmhouse-style sink. To beautify the kitchen, the designer added white cabinets with inset doors and drawers. The floor was had scraped wide plank oak.

3.   Green Slate Is Presented In This Kitchen

Kitchen with natural and affordable slate

A green slate is presented in this kitchen. Slate is natural and affordable. This material came from New Hampshire. It looks dashing and the color matches the whole kitchen.

4.   Gourmet Kitchen Features A Dark Green Vermont Slate

Dark green Vermont slate design

This gourmet kitchen features a dark green Vermont slate. It is highly scratch resistant, the slate will not delaminate, fade or stain is maintained. It can also be cleaned with any surface cleaner. It is sturdy and durable.

5.   Modern Kitchen With Recycled Chalkboard Countertops

Recycle chalkboard counter top design

This kitchen has a personality of a mid century modern kitchen. The wall separating the kitchen to the living room was removed an installed recycled chalkboard counter tops. The slate was half an inch thick.

6.   Slate Counter top With Richness  And Variegated Colors

Slate counter top design with richness and variegated colors

The richness and variegated colors of this slate counter top gives a classy feels to your kitchen. It is totally sleek.

7.   Slate Counter top With A Farmhouse Sink

Slate counter top design with a farmhouse sink

A slate counter top with a farmhouse sink, this simple kitchen design is perfect to some people. This is a classic kitchen design.


8.   Fabulous Kitchen With Slate Counter top

Fabulous kitchen with slate counter top design

This kitchen is in good shape especially with its slate kitchen counter top. With the right decorations and combination of colors, a slate counter top would be a great addition to your fabulous kitchen.

9.  Simple And Nice Kitchen With Slate Counter tops

Slate is not conducive for bacterial build up

Slate is softer than granite but harder than marble. It has an uneven appearance that many find aesthetically appealing. A simple wash with soap of water is the method of maintenance for slate. This is a kind of material that is not conducive for bacterial build up.

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