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Simple and Elegant Japanese Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is a place where we gather as a family. This is where the old traditional family recipes were made. It holds the people together. It is the heart of every meal. It is a place where all want to go to satiate their cravings for food. Do you know that in the Japanese language, kitchen is labelled as “kamado.” This word symbolizes a house, denoting a family. It is nice to discover that the Japanese being known for their minimalist lifestyle spells out a difference that life can be made simpler.

Even in house designs, the Japanese adopts this simplicity. So let us take a peek of the 10 great modern Japanese kitchen designs.

1. Transparent Japanese Kitchen with Yellow Kitchen Island

Japanese kitchen syle
This kitchen design exudes unassuming and transparent environment. It frees the spirit in an informal and relaxing mood. The open hallway is inviting you for a nice walk. Getting inside welcomes you for hot cup of tea followed by a sumptuous dinner. Those hanging subdued lights along the hallway further intensify the stillness of night. But inside the pervading yellow color carries a cheery mood.

2. Neutral Kitchen Colour with Contemporary Cabinets

Japanese kitchen

Plain lines and straight edges defines this Japanese kitchen. This place, unadorned, offers a clean and less elaborate ambience. It brings a sense of simplicity yet elegance in the way those straight contours tells that food is strikingly made delicious.

3. Sleek Japanese Zen kitchen design

calming kitchen design

This roomy kitchen in its expansive space creates a different energy vibe. The lights are perfectly lit particularly for that small rounded tea table awaiting every guest for a tea celebration. That squared table with a smooth surface establishes parallelism along that kitchen sink and stove while you watch pleasurably the food being cooked.

4.  Minimalist Artist Kitchen

creative kitchen design

This is awesome in its minimalistic and creative kitchen design. The sheen property of the sink side-by-side with the stove blends completely alive with the very colourful hanging frame and dining tables and chairs. The glistening chandelier creates a bouncy feeling that dinner is a total satiating experience.

5.  Kitchen Sea View Design

elegant dining furniture pieces

Beyond this kitchen is the beautiful and magnanimous sight outside. Glassed walls open your view from the inside. The plainness of the pervading white color and unfussiness of the dining furniture pieces classically reveal its elegance. It is radiant and stunningly looks good.

6. Vintage Kitchen Design

vintage kitchen design

Common parallel lines are the marked characterizes of this kitchen design. It does look interesting with the ornate mirror hanged on the wall and two upholstered chunky chairs that do break the monotonous lines. Passing through, a long table, unembellished, awaits guests to eat.

7.  Small Space Open Plan Kitchen

small open plan kitchens

The garden view outside extends to the beautiful and plain kitchen design inside. A marble like table and low chairs go perpendicular with the kitchen sink.

8.  Contemporary Open Kitchen Living

Contemporary Open Kitchen Living

Wonderful, given that all furniture pieces are neatly arranged in corresponding manner. Small chairs, table, and sofas are vertically parallel and the kitchen sink aligned horizontally across these pieces.

9.  Modern Open Kitchen Dining Design

Open Kitchen Dining

The wood as the focal element in this kitchen area gives this a very contemporary look as opposite to the bucolic atmosphere that the traditional Japanese kitchen would look when using wood. This creates an impressive style. The wood ceiling, stairs, door frames are lovely formed blending well with the glass door and hanging lamp to give it a modern look.

10. Glossy Japanese Kitchen

japanese kitchen

This is classy and elegantly designed. From the chandelier and the use of light materials give this kitchen design a superb appearance. That seemed-to-be hanging stairs add so much refinement and elegance in the room. The bar and dining chairs accessorize the place that it looks so modern despite its minimalistic style. It creates a progressive wave in terms of interior design.

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