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10 Shabby Chic Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Shabby chic style is stylish and elegant through its dominant white palette. It’s graceful through its soft pastel touches. The style seduces with distressed pieces and subtle floral patterns. You can take shabby chic into every room of the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen. There are no strict guidelines, just go with the flow. Concentrate on achieving a look that inspires femininity. Focus on vintage accent pieces and unique accessories. Combine white with duck egg and champagne pink to achieve a soft, delicate look.

The charm of the style lies in its time touched look, that seems to have a story to narrate. If there is one room that deserves the shabby chic love, that is the kitchen. Season your kitchen’s decoration with a touch of rustic elegance. Find inspiration in our ten shabby chic decorating ideas below.

1. Inviting Shabby Chic Kitchen

White dominated kitchen

In a white dominated kitchen, the rich accents of brown are emphasized in full. They bring warmth, making for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The contrast between the modern lightning fixtures and the distressed wood complements the look.

2. Harmonious Eclectic Kitchen

shabby chic white kitchen

Basking in warm artificial light, the multitude of different textures is becoming vibrant. Governed by simplicity and elegance, the shabby chic look is enriches by the two carpets. Through their colors and patterns, they add a pleasant oriental feel.

3. Perfect Combination Of Vintage And Modern

Modern kitchen design

In a rather modern setting, the timeworn wood comes like a breath of fresh air. The cold materials are counterbalanced by the warmth of the wood, while the clean lines of the former contrasts with the organic lines of the latter. In this contradictory setting, the enticing chandelier brings balance, combining and organizing the two styles.

4. Exploring Every Chic Detail

 Neutrals add up to a beautiful shabby chic décor

The eye travels from the pastel colored couch to the powerful white painted chairs, admiring both. The accents of color are disposed in such a way that the eye will continue exploring the room and its every detail. Along with the soft colors, the neutrals add up to a beautiful shabby chic décor.

5. Shabby Chic Exploring The World Of Color

 Vintage chic decorated kitchen

A vintage chic decorated kitchen that dares to push the limits and explore the world of colors. The lovely explosion of colors adds cheerfulness to the overall elegance and simplicity. On top of that, the perky colors help separate the two different areas of the room, naming the kitchen and the living room.

6. Fern Green Delight

Closet acts as the focal point

Through its imposing stature and its captivating fern color, the closet acts as the focal point. This green beauty, with its time touched wood, dominates the room, complementing its design.

7. Elegance In A Bouquet Of Lilies

Bouquet matches the shabby chic style like a glove

The lovely bouquet of lilies is not just a mean of beautifying the room. It seems to dictate the placement of every white kissed object. It’s will continuously draw the eye’s attention back to it, in order to admire its beauty. With its delicacy and elegance, the bouquet matches the shabby chic style like a glove.

8. Perfection Lies In Small Details

 Shabby chic kitchen

The white cabinets carry the impression of use, adding character to this kitchen’s design. The worn look contrasts with the sleek, warm appearance of the flooring and the tabletops. A nice addition to the shabby chic look are the cabinet’s antique looking knobs and handles. These little details are truly making a difference.

9. Silvery Touched Pieces

True shabby chic charm lies in the silvery touched pieces

The white tableware adds rhythm and contributes to creating and engaging design. However, the true shabby chic charm lies in the silvery touched pieces. They add a touch of individuality and style.

10. Pretty In Blue

Duck egg blue and white lace are a match made in heaven

Duck egg blue and white lace are a match made in heaven. Every element seems to blend in perfectly. The porcelain accessories along with the fabulous timeworn cage take the shabby chic look to the peaks of perfection.

Inspiring simplicity and femininity, the shabby chis is certainly one of our favorite styles. How do you feel about decorating your kitchen with this style?

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