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10 Kitchen Pendant Lights Over Island Ideas


Pendant lighting is a favourite of the interior designers today when it comes to kitchen illumination. Why so? Well, first of all, pendant lighting is truly functional given its space design which duly benefits the island kitchens in small homes these days. As they are hanging from the ceiling, your table space is never disturbed which is affected by the traditional table lamps. Moreover, being task lights, the pendants lights allow volumes of illumination for the island kitchen surface which is much needed for chopping and other dining activities. You will love the soothing light flowing from above making it a beautiful experience to work on the island kitchen below the hanging illumination. Then, of course, the pendant lights are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and can render the much needed glam effect to your otherwise plain kitchen. You will get the pendant lights in varied styles to choose from. Below is a list of some of the best Pendant Lights Over Island Ideas .

1.   Three Pendant Lights Suspended Over The Table


Three pendant lights suspended over the table idea

This is one classy picture of a contemporary kitchen and the three pendant lights suspended over the table assure a truly elegant view. The glass body renders an edgy zing to the suave kitchen space.

2.   Beige Pendant Light

 Beige pendant lights designed as curled wooden flakes

The beige pendant lights designed as curled wooden flakes render a gorgeous dramatic appeal to match up with the overall Mediterranean décor of the kitchen. The dark stone tables speak of class to the T.

3.   Sleek Pendant Lights


Black and white pendant lights

The sleek pendant lights in black and white are a perfect match to the overall traditional feel of the kitchen with their rustic vintage appeal. The dark handles create a contrast while hung over the light stone table.

4.   Petite Pristine Pendant Lights


Majestic white culinary space with pendant lights

The petite pristine pendant lights are some truly elegant fixtures in this majestic white culinary space. While illuminated, these pendant lights would make the entire space all the more glamorous and glowing.

5.   Trim Pendant Lights


 Contemporary culinary space with pendant lights

The trim pendant lights perfectly befit the overall streamlined aura of the contemporary culinary space. The cylindrical glass body renders the edgy zing to the overall ambience and hangs beautifully over the sleek glass table.


6.   Angular Light Holder Shaped As Archaic Candle Holders

Traditionally themed culinary space

The angular light holder shaped as archaic candle holders echo the much needed vintage charm desired in this traditionally themed culinary space. The wooden table top is a real charm.

7.   Circular Pendant Illumination


Lavishly decorated contemporary kitchen space

The circular pendant illumination altogether creates a spell bounding glow effect for the lavishly decorated contemporary kitchen space. The abstract patterns sprayed randomly over the circular surface look edgy.

8.   Orange Pendant Lights


Suspended lights from the ceiling

The orange pendant lights are a perfect contrast to this almost white eclectic culinary zone. The pristine effect is needed to create the space illusion for this little kitchen and the suspended lights from the ceiling are truly a functional addition.

9.   Vintage Pendant Lights


Heavy pendant lights


The heavy pendant lights with a hurricane design speak of vintage charm that beautifully livens up the entire ambience while hung over the classy stone table in this transitional kitchen.

10.   Blue Pendant Lights


 Blue pendant lights look really cute

The blue pendant lights look really cute and are creating an edgy contrast with the otherwise beige surrounding of this culinary space. The hanging arrangement has been kept uneven for a dramatic appeal.


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