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10 Open Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

As the popularity of small homes increased, so did the need for innovative designs that puts an emphasis of functionality. When decorating, or redecorating your kitchen, consider introducing open cabinets in your design. These pieces of furniture strive to create the perfect balance between beauty and practicability. Open Kitchen Cabinet offer plenty of advantages, from providing a more comfortable use, to creating a airier feel. On top of that, they can be jazzed up to add interest to an otherwise plain kitchen décor. Use them to showcase your kitchen accessories. With a little inspiration and creativity, you can create compositions that will become pieces of art, adorning your wall and beautifying your kitchen’s design. If you are on the hunt for faburous ideas, take a look at out selection of open cabinets. Let the pictures convince you of their potential.

1. Function and beauty

white wood shelving This kitchen demonstrates how aesthetics and functionality can gracefully intertwine. It offers plenty of storage, hidden under the white wood panel, while keeping the room airy and fresh. The open shelves are communicating with the rest of the room through color.

2. Assuming the role of a painting

Open cabinets Open cabinets are placing your everyday ordinary accessories in the spotlight. They become pieces of art, creating rhythm and flow. In this kitchen, the composition of open shelves seems to take the place of a painting, becoming a focal point.

3. Creating visual continuity

open shelves Shelves can enhance and reinforce a design. In this kitchen, shelves are creating visual continuity between the ceiling and the wall, leading to a harmonious flow of space.

4. Explore the vertical space

vertical space Flow can be created by playing with color. It’s achieved here through the medium of the open shelves. By doubling the color of the cabinets, they are lifting the eye upwards, making it explore the vertical space.

5. Blending in with grace

white open cabinets These lovely white open cabinets are blending in gracefully. They contribute to creating an engaging décor by adding rhythm through their beautifully carved supports.

6. Furnishing corners

Open cabinets Open cabinets are great for furnishing corners. They don’t intrude, but complement the space they inhabit by maintaining its airy feel.

7. A touch of warmth

open plan kitchen cream white tower backsplash Emphasize your shelves through contrast. By introducing the warm color and texture of wood in an cold, industrial décor, you’ll achieve an interesting effect; a seductive contradiction.

8. Engaging décor

open plan kitchen shelves This room plays with symmetry provided by the placement of the furniture, and asymmetry achieved through the arrangement of the tableware and accessories.

9. Rhythm 

open shelves A tall cabinet explores the generous vertical space, while its open shelves, along with their decorative items, turn it into a focal point. Left in plain sight, the items on the shelf set the passe of the kitchen’s rhythm.

10. Touches of color

kitchen shelves ideas Coming in different patterns and shapes, the tableware and accessories contribute to creating an engaging design. If you love to play and experiment with color, open cabinets are for you. Open shelves might not suit everyone’s style and taste. They can be an improvement to a kitchen’s design, as long as they are kept organized. Have you integrated open shelves in your kitchen?

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