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15 High Gloss Kitchen Designs With Modular kitchen colours

15 Modular kitchen colours

Designing and decorating your kitchen is like clothes we  choose and wear in everyday life. When it comes to interior designing and decorating our homes. NO two people will choose exactly the same kitchen design for their home. When choosing what best suits our homes we look at the pattern, the material, style and most importantly the colour of the decorative piece we are choosing. This also applies when choosing which kitchen design is good for your house.

We are showcasing the 15 High Gloss Kitchen Designs with Modular kitchen colours for you to pick from, admire and get an idea of how your new kitchen will look like when you have one designed or changed. They are high gloss kitchen designs in bold colour choices with a variety of different colours to match your desired kitchen design colour and mood. All of these kitchens in the pictures below are contemporary kitchen designs which could bring your kitchen life.

1. Nobilia Glassline Modular Kitchen

Nobilia Glassline modular kictchen

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2.  Ultimate high gloss chic Metropolitan Cassis Modular Kitchen  Colour


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White and purple kitchen color scheme with purple cabinets,marble worktops,has a dinette within the kitchen.  The kitchen looks nice and smart with modern electrical appliances.

3.  Modular larder units with glass doors

 modular larder units with glass doors

Red and white kitchen design which suits best for people who like their kitchen in read. This kitchen looks warm and fresh because of the way it is designed.

4. Cucine City Modular Kitchen Colour


Image: Scavolini

cucine City modular kitchen

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Exotic blue kitchen colour scheme with modern kictchen units ,worktops and utensils.

5.  Beautiful gloss modern modular kitchen Design

 gloss modern modular kitchen

This kitchen has contemporary kitchen features in bold modular kitchen color. The worktops and walls all share the same dark red colour making this kitchen look uniform and well organised. Dark red and white just go well together,the white chairs near by the breakfast table has a modern furniture design too.

6. Tobacco Walnut Modular kitchen design

Tobacco Walnut modular kitchen

7.  Lucido Red Modular-kitchen-colour

Lucido Red modular kitchen colour

Bloody red kitchen, can it really be done? off-course it can.  It is unique, classy and luxurious kitchen design. It has bloody red cabinets,silver handles ,granite worktops and has contemporary features, It is a must have and worth giving a go when you think of having a new kitchen fitted.

8. Lucido Oyster gloss kitchen design

Lucido Oyster gloss kitchen

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what an amazing kitchen design with natural feel given the green plant and fruits on the worktop.  It has cream white cabinets,wooden floor and dining table within the kitchen making it easy to serve food right after its cooked. This kitchen is suitable for family who just want to enjoy good family times while having food or just a cup of tea together while appreciating the clean well designed kitchen .

9.  Canaletto Walnut Modular Kitchen


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10. Cucina Flux Kitchen

The Flux kitchen, styled by Giugiaro DesignA unique, innovative model, the Flux kitchen features perfect combinations of straight and curved lines, unusual materials and fascinating layouts; apparently futuristic creative concepts that never forget the functional needs of everyday use.


11. Pink Modular Kitchen Design


Pink, a girl’s favorite colour. This kitchen has girly atmosphere, hope that doesn’t discourage guys from having a pink colour scheme for their kitchen .

12. Neopolitan Flame retro Kitchen colour

Neopolitan Flame retro colour

Another way of playing with paint colors, you can have a kitchen designed your way.  An orange kitchen color scheme for your kitchen,what do you think?

13. Neopolitan Mint Retro Kitchen Colour

Neopolitan Mint retro Kitchen

It’s not everyday you walk into someone’s kitchen room and see a green colour kitchen design. Green cabinets with granite countertops and a green wall that compliment the cabinets.  This goes to show that everyone is different when choosing what best describes them. This green modular kitchen design is a real could change the way you decorate your house and play with beautiful coulor schemes for your home.

14. Board Modular kitchen Colour

board modular kitchen colour

Really simple kitchen with an open plan design.  Minimal furniture and decorations but the wooden beams on the ceiling gives this open plan kitchen a character feel.

15. Unique Modern Modular Kitchen Design



This kitchen has a technical design and feel. it is unique ,futuristic and a minimalist Kitchen design that appears like it is the middle of nowhere given the beautiful sky and sea horizon on the background.

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