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10 Modern Unique Kitchen Faucet Designs

Finding the right kitchen faucet for you can really make or break your kitchen style. We are no longer restricted to a small choice between styles, and only chrome or brass colours, because kitchen designers are understanding that the smallest of details can make a change to a room, and kitchen faucets are no exception. We can easily buy and install much more modern and contemporary shapes, colours, and quirky designs today.

We can also benefit from modern technologies and faucets with more interesting features than just hot and cold taps. We can add vases, soap dispensers and even art to our faucets today to inject more of our own personality and style into our homes. We’ve rounded up ten of our favourite kitchen faucets to prove how unique and fun kitchen faucets can be:

1. Contemporary Red Faucet

 Contemporary and chic style tap
Add colour to your kitchen and step away from usual shapes and colours by adding a very contemporary and chic style tap. This one gets bonus points for an added soap dispenser, removing the need for ugly soap bottles from your worktops.

2. Minimal Style Chrome Faucet

Style chrome kitchen faucet
If you’re carrying a minimal style in your kitchen and don’t want your faucet to add any major impact to the room, go for slimlime taps and features that match the tone of the room.

3. Contemporary Faucet With Vase

Quirky style tap and soap dispenser with a vase feature
For a faucet with a difference, take your inspiration from this quirky style tap and soap dispenser with a vase feature for adding colour and a touch of nature to your kitchen.

4. Abstract Flower Faucet

Kitchen faucets are incorporating creativity
Kitchen faucets are incorporating creativity and art into their design like never before. This elegant chrome tap looks like a drooping tulip, and is ad adorable addition to this kitchen sink area.

5. Duck Inspired Faucet

Duck inspired kitchen faucet
There’s no animal happier on the water than a duck, so why not add a fun twist to your kitchen with these quirky duck taps?

6. Simple Contemporary Shape

Simply designed chrome tap
This simply designed chrome taps are modern and elegant. The clever shape makes the sink feel smaller than it is, so it’s also a clever trick to condense a large kitchen space.

7. Fun And Individual Faucet

Wall mounted faucet
This wall mounted faucet is certainly different to anything you might have seen before. Speak to your kitchen designer about your creative ideas and add your own shapes to your taps.

8. Simple Double Sink Faucet

This kitchen faucet matches the understated and modern look beautifully
With a double sink, you can rely on just the one faucet that rotates as you need it to. This modern and minimal chrome design doesn’t make a huge impact on the kitchen, but it matches the understated and modern look beautifully.

9. Industrial Pipe Faucet

Industrial kitchen pipe faucet
These taps have a vintage and industrial feel to them, adding artistic charm and nostalgia to this kitchen.

10. Boiling Water Tap

Modern kitchen faucet
Boiling water taps are an incredible new kitchen feature that are quickly growing in popularity. They look modern and simple, and you’ll never have to wait for the kettle to boil again!

Have we changed your opinion on kitchen faucets and shown you how they can be interesting and unique?

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