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Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The most important point you should remember while designing your kitchen is that it would be well lit and airy. You do not need to stick to old lighting ideas. These days plenty of options are available that along with lighting up your kitchen, will also add style and finish.

Today we are showcasing Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas When Home Designing. The list below have different lights which gives you the opportunity to choose any type of  kitchen lighting idea of your choice you would like to have in your kitchen. You can add your own idea if you happen to have any with one of ours too.

1. Large inverted dome shaped white lamps


This beautiful white kitchen needs matching light fittings. Large inverted dome shaped white lamps have been used to light up the entire passage. Also, there is a big window to let in natural light while you work in the kitchen.

2. Small Concealed Light Fittings in the ceiling


This kitchen has a very modern and colorful finish. Since there are wooden interiors, the lighting used is not too elaborate. There are small concealed light fittings in the ceiling. Also, the two windows and large door allow natural light during the day.

3. Fancy light fittings


White marble and dark wooden panels – this kitchen deserves some fancy light fittings. There are small bulbs with silver rimmed fittings at the ceiling. In addition, there are fancy hanging lamps with silver shades to match the mood.

4. Concealed lighting and a glass ceiling


Concealed lighting and a glass ceiling offer plenty of light into this kitchen. The lights have been kept simple and well spaced to create the desired effect. Easy to maintain and simple to use, these small bulbs serve the purpose just right.

5. White And Grey Kitchen Lighting Idea


This kitchen again has small bulbs fitted within the ceiling to provide even lighting across the entire room. It is not too jazzy and yet adds to the elegance and beauty of this kitchen.

6. Separate hanging lamps


Restaurant style sitting arrangement has been done in this kitchen. Separate hanging lamps are kept on the dining table to create an effect. Also, the entire set up is right next to the windows that allow the sun light to come into the room.

7.  Magical lighting arrangements


This fancy kitchen needs some magical lighting arrangements. There are beautiful cut glass lamp shades hanging down the ceiling –three of these equally spaced to create a pattern. In addition to these, there are multiple small concealed bulbs fitted to the ceiling to light up the entire room. By the alternate use of these lights, you can change the mood and style of the room completely.

8. Plenty of sun light


This kitchen practically needs no artificial light during the day time. With the four huge glass windows, there is plenty of sun light coming in all day long. In addition to these, for the evenings, there are classic white lamp shades on golden stands. These are set at equal distance from each other and are hung down the ceiling. There is also another lamp shade kept on the stand at another corner. Small bulbs are also added to the ceiling more added brightness.

9. Eclectic Kitchen Lighting Idea


This kitchen is set up in a very small space and has white interiors and hence does not need very elaborate lighting. To match the style of the decor, the lamp has been fitted right on top of the sink and has a nice cover.



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