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10 Kitchens with Modern kitchen island plans

Kitchen islands not only add style to your home, but also provide functionality that you never assumed possible. The interest in kitchen islands has increased in the twenty first century although the idea of a central working top piece in kitchens was there even before the water infrastructure was invented. This increasing interest is due to the advancing kitchen equipment and appliances. The kitchen, as a result, moved from being merely a place to prepare and store food, to a dining and an entertainment space.

Kitchen islands give you the advantage of more cabinet space, a clever sink space with  no need for a back-splash, an interesting range hood suspended above a cook-top or even a luxurious dining counter.
There are several shapes and sizes of kitchen islands. Here’s a selection of Modern kitchen island plans that vary in design and demonstrate the functionality of islands in modern kitchens.

1. Modern Kitchen with a Minimalist Island

Minimalist Island

The sink is incorporated in a minimalist white island in this modern charcoal grey kitchen, providing the easiest “work triangle” with the refrigerator and the cook-top. The deep-set cabinets below the counter allow the use of the other end as a dining area.

2. Marble-topped Contemporary Kitchen Island

Contemporary Kitchen

The circulation in this contemporary white kitchen is made interesting by the addition of the wide black marble-topped island. The latter adds to the storage space and to the functionality. The two suspended lighting fixtures stress the dining counter and emulate the stools below.

3. Kitchen Island Reflecting the House’s Interior Design

House's Interior Design

This contemporary kitchen island is particularly an extension of the dining and living rooms, making a statement that the kitchen and the rest of the house are of equal importance. The light aqua finish, the white resin top, the suspended lighting fixtures and the caned counter stools are intended to stress the luxury and confidence of the open kitchen.

4. Kitchen Island Primarily as a Dining Counter

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island here is intended to be a combination of a dining table and a sink space. The result is a modern black island with a beige marble top and four Bertoia wire counter stools. The space use of this design is definitely smart.

5. T-shaped Kitchen Island

T-shaped Kitchen Island

This unique T-shaped kitchen island is actually a narrow sink island with an elevated back that acts as a support for the wooden dining counter. The design animates the relatively big kitchen space and allows for an interesting circulation.

6. Natural Stone and Wood Kitchen

Natural Stone

The many vintage country finish materials of this big kitchen are neutralized by the central creamy white island that features classic ornamentation in its encorbellements (triangular counter top supports) and corner spiral columns. This kitchen islands provides very big preparation space, sink area and two-person counter dining space.

7. Warm Vintage Kitchen Island Design

Vintage Kitchen Island

This kitchen also features a creamy white ornamented kitchen island that provides extra cabinet space. The dining end of the marble top is curved to provide extra space. Forged iron counter chairs match the suspended lighting fixture that stresses the island.

8. Parallel Alignment

contemporary kitchen

The parallelism concept of this contemporary kitchen is highlighted by the rectangular kitchen island that matches the ceiling wooden beams in terms of color and alignment. A simple and elegant approach.

 9. A Kitchen Island that Stands Out

modern kitchen

In this modern white U-shaped kitchen, the dark brown central island adds storage and preparation space. From an interior architect’s viewpoint, perhaps a better option would have been an elongated island or a T-shaped one to reduce the crowdedness implied by the perpendicular island-dining table alignment and their finish color.

 10. Vintage White Kitchen

Vintage White Kitchen

The island in this kitchen provides a comfortable working/preparation space in addition to the extra cabinet storage space. It has a wooden top with a natural finish.


No matter how big your kitchen is or how much storage space you have, a kitchen island is almost always a good idea that adds an interesting dining space and a luxurious touch to your home.

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