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10 Modern Kitchen Classy Bar Stools

Bar stools are becoming more and more popular. As the concept of open kitchen gained popularity, so did the bar stools. However, bar stools have a way longer history behind. There is little documentation on their origins, but it is believed that they date back to Egypt and ancient China. Evidence of wooden stools were also found in Rome and ancient Greece. One of the most famous stool is the “Golden Stool”, the divine throne of the Ashanti people. According to legend, the chair descended from Heaven and landed on the lap of their first king. It has become a symbol of royalty and power.
Stools have evolved throughout time to become versatile pieces of furniture. From contemporary to retro, from rustic to antique, they have the means of complementing any style. Classy or modern, we are sure they can find way into your homes. We browsed the web and brought you ten stylish stools for you kitchen bar. Check them out below.

1. Fluidity

Kitchen with stylish Onda barstool

The fluidity of these bar stools steals the spotlight, contradicting the clean, straight lines dominating the room. Emphasized by the counter, they tie the whole kitchen design together by duplicating its colors: brown, silver and white.

2. Complement

 Bar stools complement the design

Different room, same bar stools complementing the design. The four stools, along with the four white pendants, provide a sense of enclosure, visually separating the kitchen from the living room

3. Versatility

Bar stools are quite versatile

Bar stools are quite versatile. They can be used as permanent or temporary sitting, for a large gathering, grouped as three or on their own. The bar stools are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional

4. Contrast

Two contrasting tones perfectly complement the form of the chair

The two contrasting tones are perfectly complementing the form of the chair, emphasizing its organic lines. The black doubles the color of the counter, creating flow and connecting the two spaces

5. Blending In 

Contemporary bar stools blend in perfectly in a room

The bar stools’ contemporary look will blend in perfectly in a room with a minimalist design. They will draw the eye’s attention and add a touch of class and sophistication to the overall décor.

6. STUA Onda

Kitchen with the Onda swivel bar stool

We showcased you their versatility and style, now it’s time to reveal their name. These are the STUA Onda bar stools. According to the producer, they are “a subtle illustration of how effectively form can be allied with function.” The bar stools are inspired by the natural shape of a wave.

7. LEM Piston Stool

Elegant bar stools complement the countertop perfectly

It’s elegant and classy, it’s the LEM Piston Stool. In the year of its release, the bar stool was named product of the year by FX International Interior Design Awards.

8. Lightness

LEM Piston stools can be easily tucked away when not in use describes the product as having “a visual lightness that creates the illusion of freedom from gravity”. Functionality and beauty and intertwined in this stool’s design. It features a gas cylinder that allows for easy height adjustment.

9. Adaptability

LEM Piston stools blend in beautifully in the surrounding décor

The LEM Piston stools blend in beautifully in the surrounding décor. Their height adjustment mechanism makes them suitable for both bar and counter.

10. Pops Of Red

Bar stools highlights this kicthen

Show the bar stools some love and turn them into focal points. The lovely pops of color will completely steal the eye’s attention, and attract the observer towards them.

What’s not to love about bar stools? They will bring the atmosphere of a classy five star bar into your very own kitchen. Have you integrated them into your kitchen décor?





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