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Stunning Kitchen Island designs

Stunning Kitchen and Kitchen Island designs for you! Kitchens are one of the most favorite rooms of the home not only for the food that is stored there but because of the warm and homey feeling that it gives to family and guests alike. A homeowner who would most likely be a good cook would always want the kitchen to be looking its best everyday as it reflects the personality of the homemaker herself. A bright and cheerful kitchen would be a fun place but a dark and gloomy kitchen would likely give you the creeps. Kitchen islands are great furniture to use in the kitchen as it could serve a dual purpose of being a dining table as well. They also add statement to the kitchen.

Here are a couple of design ideas for kitchens with kitchen islands that would make it look stunning.

 1. Therapy Apartment

Therapy Apartment

Old wood taken from a barn was used as design for this kitchen island. Transparent glass was used as a counter top and the cabinets of the kitchen matched perfectly with the wood panels of the kitchen island. The swirly design of the iron chairs’ base is a fantastic idea.

 2. Small Kitchen Apartment

Small Kitchen Apartment

The kitchen and Kitchen Island matched perfectly and the black counter top of the kitchen top extended to serve as dining table as well. The chandelier and the black chairs made this kitchen look fantastic.

 3. Blue Colored Kitchen Island

Blue Colored Kitchen Island

The blue colored Kitchen Island matched the cabinets of the kitchen and the big wood beams on the ceiling and red brick walls made this kitchen look gorgeous. The extended white counter top of the Kitchen Island served as dining table as well. The high blue chairs are a nice accent.

 4. White kitchen Island

White kitchen Island

The use of two white Kitchen Islands on this white kitchen is amazing. The other Kitchen Island served as table and the other as a kitchen countertop. The white transparent high chairs are great accents.

 5. Cabinet Perfect Kitchen Island

Cabinet Perfect Kitchen Island

The brown cabinets of the kitchen matched the Kitchen Island perfectly. The browns are the perfect backdrop for the silver walls of the kitchen. The silver colored high chairs are nice accents.

 6. Stock Cabinetry Freestanding Kitchen Island

Stock Cabinetry Freestanding Kitchen Island

The blue color of this Kitchen Island made a fantastic contrast to the black and white kitchen. The polished wood counter top also blended seamlessly with the interior design and made this kitchen gorgeous.

 7. Free Standing Kitchen Cabinet

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinet

The red and white check design of the kitchen’s floor contrasted beautifully with the wood cabinets and Kitchen Island. Splashes of silver used in the lights and appliances made this kitchen a fantastic showpiece.

 8. Beautiful Circular Design

Beautiful Circular Design

The beautiful circular design of the Kitchen Island matched perfectly with the color scheme of polished wood and warm beige of the kitchen. The wood chairs are great accents.

 9. Patterned Stone Counter tops

Patterned Stone Countertops

The light grey Kitchen Island looks fantastic in this white kitchen. The gold colored granite counter top on the Kitchen Island is a great design and the gold stools are nice accents.

10. Black Slate Counter tops Ideas

Black Slate Countertops Ideas

The black slate counter tops of the Kitchen Island and kitchen counter top match perfectly and look fantastic. The green chairs are a nice accent.

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