White kitchen island with storage
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Island Ideas for Your Kitchen

The popularity of island counter top rose as the size of the kitchen increases. Kitchen islands are used for appliances, storage and as a work space too. But often, it is used as a hub and social centre. You should plan on choosing your kitchen islands carefully. Consider the scale, function and style. Consider the size of your kitchen and make sure that there is room for an island. Know the function of the island counter in your kitchen. Equip the island to serve its role. If it is a cook top, add a vent hood over head or a pop up down-draft venting system. If it is for food prep, consider installing a small sink. An island will expand the kitchen storage’s space greatly. It can also be put in the entertaining areas of your kitchen. Here are some of the wonderful Island Ideas for Your Kitchen that could be of help to you.

1.    Antique Butcher Table Is Turned Into An Island

Antique island idea

An antique butcher table is turned in to an island here. This is possible with the use of tightening the boards on the butcher block top. Wiring it for an electrical outlet by drilling a hole in one leg is a smart move. This show the resourcefulness and creativity of the owner.

2.   Island With A Honed Granite Counter Top

slate blue paint on the island’s base and the white cabinetry

The slate blue paint on the island’s base and the white cabinetry serve as the focal point of this kitchen. The island is topped with a honed granite counter top. There is a sink, enough work space and an elevated dining area. It is better to install the cooking surface at a lower height than the eating counter top so that the guests will be placed eye level with the cook. It would also create a barrier from the dining prep in case of cooking splatter.

3.   Compact Cherry Island

compact cherry island provides work space and cabinetry

The compact cherry island provides work space and cabinetry in this kitchen. It features vertical storage and a recycling bin.

4.   Compact Cherry Island

compact cherry island provides work space and cabinetry

This antique cabinet was turned in to a kitchen island. It was covered with beaded board coated in dark blue-gray finish and topped with an old mahogany odor.  The colourful fabric replaces the glass door inserts.

5.   White Kitchen Island

White kitchen island with storage

This kitchen island used to be a work bench. Now, it has a cottage style by adding ball feet, cream color paint and a shelf at the bottom for storage. The island gave a lot of workspace and a casual eating area.

6.   Vintage Kitchen With Stainless Steel Island

Stainless steel island idea

A stainless steel island adds contemporary edge to this vintage kitchen. The stainless top makes for a hardy work surface while the lower shelf provides storage space.

7.   Kitchen Island In Bright And Bold Color

This island creates casual dining spot and a work space

The island creates casual dining spot and a work space. Painting your island in bright and bold color is a perfect way to make it pop. This would be a great way to incorporate colours that you love.

8.   Kitchen Island Made Of Cherry Wood

Color of the island matches with cabinets in this kitchen

The island is made of cherry wood that is painted with white to match the surrounding cabinets. The island provides a prep space for this kitchen and additional storage.

9.   Island Base Is Made Of Knotty Alder

Kitchen island topped with a stone look laminate

The island base is made of knotty alder and topped with a stone look laminate.

10.   Elegant Island With Beautiful Granite Counter

Elegant island idea

A custom-crafted painted maple cabinets make an elegant island base and beautiful granite counters.

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