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How to Choose Islands for your Kitchen

Islands can be used as a place for stools or chairs, and some electricity for your mixers and gadgets. It can also be an extra bar sink or a cook-top. Kitchen islands can be used as a dining table or a workspace. It can also be used as a cook top or prep sink as well as storage. A kitchen island can be utilized for dining, for homework, as a buffet or additional workspace. Modern kitchen islands are versatile and useful additions to make your life easier. Kitchen islands are incredibly popular and are widely used in renovations. Your kitchen island must complement and complete the kitchen. Choose a kitchen island that is proportional with your kitchen. If it is too big, you will feel claustrophobic. If it is a small one, you are just wasting the space that you have. Do not forget to leave enough aisle space. Having too much space between a counter and an island is not advisable too. When you choose a design, always think outside the box. There are plenty of designs that you can look up in magazines and the web. Make sure that the specific needs in your kitchen is present. Here are some examples of islands for your kitchen.

1.   Island With Dark Soapstone Counters

Island with dark soapstone counters design

Light and dark is the offsetting in his California home. The appliances are gleaming in white. Island with dark soapstone counters and backsplashes as well as the ash cabinetry painted in muted gray-green.

2.   The Island Is Made Of Pine

kitchen with an open-plan ground floor

This is a kind of kitchen with an open-plan ground floor. The kitchen contains a kitchen and dining area. The island is made of pine.

3.   Kitchen’s Centerpiece With Limestone Countertops

kitchen centerpiece design with limestone countertops

The kitchen’s centerpiece has a lapboard, limestone countertops and new doors fronted in chicken wire. The finishing touches are crown molding, antique wooden corbels and Chester Grey paint.

4.   Kitchen Island Is Painted Paris Rain By Benjamin Moore

Kitchen island design

The kitchen island is painted Paris Rain by Benjamin Moore and topped the counter with Caesar stone.  This house is in a Texas ranch.

5.   Kitchen Island Is Surrounded By Spindle Leg Stools

Kitchen island with wooden stools set on the sides

The kitchen island is surrounded by spindle-leg stools. It is hand-me-downs from the home owner’s parents.

6.   White Kitchen Island

White kitchen island with  durable concrete counter tops

The assortment of old stools provides quirky charm in this kitchen. The concrete counter tops are durable.

7.   Island Framed With Salvaged Heart Pine Beams

An island with iron and mahogany stools besides

This Georgia lake house is painted in shades of brown. The soapstone counters and a matching backsplash complement the kitchen’s custom cabinetry. An island framed with salvaged heart-pine beams. The iron and mahogany stools are also present in this kitchen.

8.   White Kitchen Island With Storage

White kitchen island design

This house in Ohio boasts a zinc top crafted by a local metal shop. It has a built-in plate rack for stealthy storage. A subway tile forms the back splash.

9.   Kitchen Island With Stainless Steel Countertop

Stainless steel countertops bring a hint of industrial gleam in this kitchen

Stainless steel counter tops bring a hint of industrial gleam in this kitchen. The stools are painted white as furnishes to match the custom cabinets. The island provides a place to sit while preparing food.

10.    Custom Island Topped With Sheet Metal

 custom island topped with sheet metal echoes barn wood beams in this kitchen

A custom island topped with sheet metal echoes barn wood beams in this kitchen. Additional sconces make any countertop and enlightened place for prep work.

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