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Great Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

No matter how busy we are with our work, travelling etc, we always end up spending some time in the kitchen every single day. Be it an elaborate 5 course meal or a ready to use “heat and eat” junk food, it all needs to be done in the kitchen. Kitchens come in various shapes according to your home design and architecture. Other kitchens are Small, others built in an attic and others are modern big kitchens, but whatever kitchen you have it does not matter. You can always follow our great Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to transform your kitchen if you think something needs to be done to your kitchen.

It is very important that you have a kitchen suitable to your needs and the type of food you cook regularly. Also, you must make sure that it is well lit and well ventilated.  Today are showcasing  Great  Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas  to our viewers.  The small Kitchen remodel ideas below all have one major thing they make use of to make their small kitchens look bigger. Through out these kitchen designs below you will find that they have made use of clever storage systems leaving the worktops and floors clear of clutter.  Also we see clever use of modern kitchenware display in wall mounted cabinets.

1. Traditional Kitchen Remodel Idea


This kitchen is done in white and wooden planks. You can opt for this if you are in the habit of cooking non oily and non spicy food, or else it gets very difficult to maintain such kitchens. The shelf space is huge and you can store all your crockery sets. The faucet and sink are on a separate slab from the oven and is thus very convenient.

2.White Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Idea


There is a beautiful cream granite slab in this kitchen. To match this, the wall colour has been kept white and the rest of the settings are also in white. The wall cabinets hold the utensils as well as the microwave. The cooking range is placed between two lower racks and is thus very easy to use and within reach.

3.Modern Kitchen Remodel Idea


This kitchen is very colorful and has a full wall cabinet that goes up till the ceiling. The shelves are made in all different dimensions in order to hold items of different shapes and sizes. There is a small ladder kept for you to reach the higher shelves. There is place to keep your refrigerator at one side of the kitchen.

4.Eclectic Kitchen Remodel Idea


This kitchen has used the little space available in the best possible way. The shelves are built in order to store utensils, spice boxes, bottles and more. The small slab can be used again as a storage space.

5.Cream,White Traditional Kitchen Remodel Idea


This kitchen is very well lit with concealed lighting at every possible corner. There is a beautiful black granite slab and the rest of the fittings are in white. The upper shelves can be used to store utensils. There is space for the cooking range and the big sink. The tiles used have a mosaic pattern and add colour.

6.Cream Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Idea

This kitchen has multi utility drawers and storage shelves in order to create more space for all your kitchen stuff. The counters are made in such a way that you can keep separate items.

7.White,Dark Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Idea


This kitchen has a wooden touch and the dining area is also combined within the cooking space. The kitchen looks complete with the splendid lightings.

8.Cream,white Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Idea



This kitchen also combines the dining area and the table is made out of a slab of white granite,elegant and durable. The sink and faucet are placed within this slab.

9.Modern Kitchen Remodel Idea


This kitchen has rustic interiors and colorful tiles to give it a different look. The table is made out of solid wood.

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