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Functional and Easy to Clean Kitchen Design

Most kitchen designers pay great attention to practicality and implementing a modern look, but they often forget the place needs to be easy to maintain and clean too. A great kitchen is one where you can work with ease, feel comfortable during your cooking endeavors and not have any trouble with kitchen cleaning afterwards. Sadly, people often forget about easy maintenance and get lost in the numerous design options that they are given.

It would be a mistake if you do the same and just ignore the fact that your kitchen should be an easy to clean one. After all, there is a lot of activity that takes place there, especially if you are a cooking enthusiast. Take your time to consider the following options, for they contribute to less trouble with kitchen cleaning and will certainly allow you to feel comfortable in your kitchen.


easy to clean white flors

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you probably know that flooring is one of the most important elements for every room, and the kitchen especially. One type of flooring to avoid for sure is small to medium sized tiles. Grout can get easily stained and is one of the more difficult areas to perform cleaning service on. Instead, you should go with linoleum, marmoleum and sheet vinyl. Large format tiles are an option, if you are after a more affordable solution. At least the glazing on the tiles makes them impervious to staining, which is ultimately a good thing for a kitchen.


cleaning kitchen countertops

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the same rule as flooring applies to countertops as well – don’t go with tiles. With many grout lines involved, stain removal will be a nightmare. There are many alternative solutions, such as quartz, stainless steel, laminates and Corian. There is no need for extreme cleaning and sealing when these are involved. The modern look and feel they provide is without question a benefit that you should keep in mind. Another possible solution is granite, which is valued for the fact that it adds great value and is considered very sanitary.


mosaic kitchen backsplash

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Tile mosaics are often picked for the fact they add eye-candy, but there is a great drawback coming from the fact that cleaning service on this surface will be difficult later one. Instead, you should go with full-sheet material like stone slab, glass and quartz.


kitchen cabinet designs

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ornate moldings might be pretty and add an interesting accent, but they are a real bother when it comes to cleaning. A large number of nooks and crannies will make kitchen cleaning that much difficult. Slab-front cabinets are a good, easy to clean option. You can also consider shaker style, because it is great for traditional and contemporary design alike.


 undermount sinks

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Consider the benefits of integrated and undermount sinks. During your cleaning service you will be able to simply swipe the countertop spoils directly into the sink. Adding a second sink is always a great option, in case you have the available space.
Take into account all of these kitchen design ideas. They will contribute to a kitchen that is not only functional, but also easy to maintain.

Article Contributed by Megan Powell


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