The dazzling black countertop of the island is a highlight of this design
Kitchen Room


Kitchens are considered by many as an important place in the house. The food preparation happens in this area as well as the sharing of stories after a very busy day. It is therefore important to plan carefully the design. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can add an island that would improve the beauty of your design. A kitchen island helps a lot as it serves many purposes just as the kitchen worktops do. Kitchen islands gives a wide separate space for preparations of food for example before you start cooking or baking them.  Most Kitchen islands come with storage space underneath too, so you could store kitchen things underneath like bottles of wine and other stuff.  Below are trendy designs for island kitchens. Enjoy!

1.   Marvellous Ceramic Kitchen Island

 Marvellous ceramic kitchen island design

This marvellous ceramic kitchen island matches the wooden accent of this design. The corners also have storage units where kitchen essentials could be placed. The chandelier adds to the appeal of this kitchen.

2.   Wooden Kitchen Island

Wooden kitchen island design

This wooden kitchen island is a glamorous addition to this contemporary design. There is also a steel drop-in sink with small fixtures and towel holder. The white rectangular chandelier enhances the glamour of this kitchen island.

3.  Wooden island with ceramic countertop

ceramic countertop

This fashionable wooden island with ceramic countertop would be a good choice for your kitchen. The shelving in the island is a good way to maximize space. Likewise, you can also spend some time reading by keeping your books in storage in the island. The white marble and brick walls are exquisite complement to the wooden island.

4.   Island With Sophisticated Monochromatic Colors

This design offers a contemporary taste

The design above offers a contemporary taste. The sophisticated monochromatic colors of the island look very attractive. The white ceramic countertop and the suspended light bulbs are attraction in this kitchen. Also the onyx stone is a highlight in this design.

5.   Black And White Kitchen Island

black and white kitchen island with cook top

The image shows a black and white kitchen island with cook top. There are also seats on the corner from where you can enjoy the food you have cooked. The monochromatic color of the island matches the whole appearance of this elegant and stunning kitchen.

6.   Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen design

A modern design with neutral color schemes is seen on the image above. The mosaic tile back splash adds to the appeal of this modish kitchen. Furthermore, notice the four light bulbs above the island enhancing the illumination of the room. Also, the island is neat and stylish with drop-in sink.

7.   Acid Stained Concrete Island

Acid stained concrete island design

This is a rustic design that brings you the feeling of countryside. The wooden accent and the brick walls offer a sophisticated taste to the kitchen. Additionally, the acid stained concrete island matches well the overall appearance of the room. Notice also the beautiful lights under the island.

8.   Organized And Trendy Kitchen Design

organized and trendy kitchen design with a simple yet elegant island

This is an organized and trendy kitchen design with a simple yet elegant island. There is also a nice and consistent white paint on the walls and cabinetries.

9.   Island With Dazzling Black Counter top

The dazzling black countertop of the island is a highlight of this design

The panoramic view of this kitchen is an eye catcher and creates a homey feeling. Notice also, the pastel colors that are nicely combined. The plastic laminate of green cabinetries, blue and orange chairs lead to a relaxing feeling. The dazzling black countertop of the island is a highlight of this design.

10.   Rectangular Island With Glass Circular Counter top

Rectangular island design

This rectangular island with glass circular countertop is a gorgeous and sleek design. The wainscoat of the island is a good idea as it brings a classy taste to the room. Moreover, the wooden stools gives a more pleasant and inviting feel to the room.

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