Kitchen Room

Create your own cutting edge contemporary kitchen design

This post features 10 unique modern kitchen designs with fantastic cabinets, handles, flooring  and countertops. It focus mostly on cabinet designs that makes each kitchen style stand out. Most kitchen designs are simple and easy to clean, have a cosy feeling.

1. White Kitchen with black countertops

white kicten with black worktops

This kitchen feature clean high gloss cabinets ,amazing black round corners countertops, white floor that goes well with white cabinets.  It is an open plan style kitchen design with a living right closer but with enough space, your family and visitors could be sited in the living room area while still interacting with you while you work in the kitchen.  The black shine wall with beautiful art décor behind the kitchen cabinets acts as a room divider while maintaining the open plan layout of the kitchen, living room and nearby dining space.

 2. Ivory style Kitchen Design

ivory cabinets kitchen design

What makes this kitchen design style unique and beautiful is the nice ivory style cabinets which are professionally well fitted and has silver shine handles integrated. The kitchen floor colour shade also compliments the cabinets making this kitchen design stand out even more.

3.  Contemporary Urban Kitchen Design Style

odern kitchen design style

You can create a perfect contemporary kitchen design style by using this cream kitchen style as an example. It uses the gentle cream finish to beautify the cabinets and enhance the appearance of this room. The kitchen walls features a delightful mixture of urban bold style, soft and organic tones to give this kitchen a warm atmosphere.

4. Simple Refreshing White Kitchen style

refreshing gloass white kitchen

A refreshing kitchen with clean high gloss white cabinets with wooden worktops . It is a simple kitchen with simple cabinet that offers so many ways of styling it.

5. Brown Oak Cabinets Kitchen Style

brown Aok cabinets kitchen style

Solid Oak cabinets with rich tones give this kitchen a cosy feeling and character. The black granite worktops that compliments the cabinets with their subtle wood grain detail on the oak doors.

6. Appleby cream cabinet kitchen style

cream cabinet kitchen style

The Appleby kitchen design has a clean character that matches well with the way it is built. It is coated with two deep coats for deep colour tone. It has black cabinets structure with cream doors with simple lines that act as door handles.  The arch window gives this kitchen a stylish character and likability. Everything in this Kitchen has a contemporary feeling  and appearance.

7.  Ivory Classic Country Kitchen Style

ivory classic country kitchen

A Classic Ivory kitchen design with a charming homely feeling which radiates warmth. The soft ivory finish adapts to change making it easy to style and decorate this kitchen in any way. It has character wooden beams closer to the ceilings, sink and wooden countertops.  That window lets in lots of natural light to make it bright.

8. Traditional oak cabinets Kitchen Style

 traditional kitchen style with a warm feeling

The traditional Oak cabinets gives this kitchen design style room where everybody feels welcome. because of it’s natural warmth and charm. Every item in this kitchen tells the story of what the owner likes. In this kitchen design we see the use of traditional arched pressed  PVC foil doors which adds value to this room.

9.  A Sleek Scandinavian Kitchen Style

scandinavian kitchen design style

This kitchen has a sleek Scandinavian feel which can be achieved with the Fairleigh. The cabinets  have a raised doors,veneered  centre pads and a horizontal grain. The kitchen island in the middle looks amazing, the cabinet sides  are painted in black   and white countertops.

10. Elegant contemporary Cherry Kitchen design style

Modern cherry kitchen style design

Modern Cherry style kitchen design with  a  vibrant tone and gentle curved edges.

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