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Best Kitchen designs 2013

Best Kitchen designs 2013 have came in our way. We have compiled some pictures and design ideas on what we feel are some of the best kitchen designs of last year. There are thousands of wonderful and fantastic kitchen designs that were done last year and choosing from them was a nerve racking and demanding task. We have seen that kitchen designs of 2013 veered towards clean and sleek lines and using kitchen islands has become the norm. Gone were those big tables that used to be placed in the middle of the kitchen to serve as another counter top. Kitchen islands have made the housewife’s work easier and convenient. Storage space also became one of the emphasis and clever ways have been made to solve this.

Here is the list of some of the best kitchen designs 2013.

1. Wood Counter Tops

Wood Counter Tops

Wood was integrated on the kitchen counter tops to act as butcher blocks instead of having a separate one. This is a practical idea and the wood complemented the counter tops as well.

2. Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

The usual kitchen tiles used on the walls near the sink area was done away with and subway tiles used instead. It made a dramatic transformation to the walls of the kitchen making it neat and compact. Using white colored subway tiles also contrasted nicely with any color interior of the kitchen.

3. Granite or Slate Combination

Granite or Slate Combination

The granite or slate counter tops was changed to marble and looks fantastic. It is a bit pricey and maintenance a bit tricky but the effect is fantastic. Using pale colors or the white color fits perfectly with any design interior of the kitchen.

4. Two Tone Color Concept

Two Tone Color Concept

Cabinets in the kitchen used to be painted in the same color scheme but the design used here is what the designers call the two tone color. Painting the lower cabinets a different color than the higher one made the kitchen look lovely.

5. Cabinets Open Shelves

Cabinets Open Shelves

Cabinets used in the kitchen always have doors on it but the trend last year was to use open shelves on the cabinets. The great design was to use a different color or material for the open shelves mounted on the walls.

6. Gold Sinks and Faucets

Gold Sinks and Faucets

Using gold sinks and faucets became a brand new idea last year that met mixed reviews. Gold, when combined with varnished wood made the kitchen look fabulous.

7. Proper Dinner Table and Chairs

Proper Dinner Table and Chairs

This picture shows a proper dinner table and chairs which has been trending since last year. It is going back to the basic eating and dining and trying to do away with eating at a kitchen island.

8. Impressive Small Apartment Kitchen

Impressive Small Apartment Kitchen

This kitchen used black subway tiles and it made a beautiful contrast to the white interiors and furniture. The brown wood floors blended seamlessly and made this kitchen look lovely.

9. Small White Kitchen Design

kitchen with dining

This small white kitchen went back to the traditional dining table and chairs set in the middle area. The two toned black and white chairs are great designs.

10. Inspiring Before and After Rental Kitchen Makeover

Inspiring Before and After Rental Kitchen Makeover

The open shelves wood cabinet mounted on the walls of this small kitchen is a great design idea. Using wood complemented the white interior of the kitchen and made it look beautiful.

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