Sharp Wood and Slate Countertops
Kitchen Room

Beautiful slate kitchen countertops

Beautiful slate kitchen countertops for you guys. Slate is a hard stone that has beautiful grains and great to use as design on counter-tops as they are also tough. They come in different colors, patterns, and designs. They are easy to clean and give a sparkling look and popularly used in kitchens and bathrooms. They can also be used as tabletops since they are easy to clean and good to look at too. They may be smooth or grainy or sparkly depending on taste and preference.

We’ve some ideas for slate kitchen counter-tops that would make your kitchen look beautiful.

1. Original Kitchen Counter-tops Cabinets

Original Kitchen Countertops Cabinets

This is a beautiful design of a traditional kitchen where period pieces are used. The green and gold color of the slate kitchen counter-top added to the elegant and luxurious image of this kitchen.

2. Multicolored Checkered Design

Multicolored Checkered Design

The multicolored checkered design of the slate that was used on the walls was used to great advantage on the tabletop and made this kitchen look fantastic. The plain colored black slate on the sink area blended seamlessly with the decor.

3. Slate Counter-tops Cost

Slate Countertops Cost

The black slate color that was used on the counter-tops of the sink area and kitchen island proved to be the perfect backdrop for the pristine white walls and cabinets. This kitchen design looks amazing.

4. Sharp Wood and Slate Counter-tops

Sharp Wood and Slate Countertops

This large kitchen combined slate counter-tops with shiny wood cabinets and tables and made it look awesome. The slate counter-top extended to the sink area and its green color blends seamlessly to the beautiful interior of the kitchen.

5. Black Slate Counter-tops

 Black Slate Counter-tops

The black slate counter-top that is used in this kitchen provided the perfect backdrop for its white interior and furniture.

6. Outstanding Slate Kitchen Counters with White Cabinet

Slate Kitchen Counters

This beautifully designed kitchen with gray colored slate counter-tops on the sink area and Kitchen Island is gorgeous. The white rooster ceramic sculpture is a nice touch.

7. Surprising Slate Kitchen Counter with White Cabinet

Slate Kitchen Counter

This beautiful smooth black slate used on the sink area and counter-top of this kitchen looks fabulous. It also provided the perfect backdrop to the white cabinets.

8. Gray Colored Slate Kitchen Island 

 Slate Kitchen Island

The gray colored slate on the kitchen island looks beautiful against the brown wood below it. It also served a dual purpose of being a dining table at the same time. A white colored slate was used on another kitchen counter-top that is adjacent to this kitchen island and together they made this kitchen look stunning.

9. Black Slate Counter-top Sink

Slate Counter-top Sink

The black slate counter-top of the sink provided the perfect backdrop for the bright orange cabinets and made this kitchen look awesome. The realistic rooster ceramic décor on the counter-top looks fantastic and gave a great accent to this kitchen.

10. Plain Black Slate Concept

Plain Black Slate

The plain black slate used on this kitchen counter-top is gorgeous. It blended seamlessly with the dark brown cabinets and the black floor. It also served a dual purpose of being a dining table at the same time. The hanging shelves above the dining area not only give storage space but are also a great design.

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