Kitchen design with subtle decorating idea
Kitchen Room


Scandinavian designs advocate not just aesthetics but also minimalism and functionalism. They follow simple, linear lines as well as functional style. These designs don’t involve heavy elements but rather advocate a simpler, cheaper and more beautiful appearance. These have become very in demand in residential interior designs. You can go for a minimalist trend in your living room, bathroom or kitchen area. If you are planning to redecorate or build a new house, we have gathered 10 pictures of amazing Scandinavian kitchen designs you can choose from.

1. Well Organized kitchen

Well organized kitchen design

This kitchen design shows a well-organized kitchen. The monochromatic color creates a sense of sophistication. The suspended shelving above the sink is a nice way to display decors like collection of glasses. Another shelving is also found on the end corner of the kitchen that is used to display pictures.

2. Contemporary Scandinavian kitchen New York

simple, neat and elegant kitchen design

This simple, neat and elegant design shows a contemporary Scandinavian kitchen. The design offers a simplistic and functional look with a wooden accent on the island and floor. The back splash windows are also a good source of light during the day. The white bar stools on the island greatly complements the overall appearance of the kitchen.

3.  Scandinavian Inspired Kitchen And Dining  New York

Artistic, cool and inviting kitchen design

The image above illustrates an artistic, cool and inviting kitchen design. The white and black table and chairs are neat and trendy. Also, the wall painting adds a dramatic look in this design.

4. Umber colored kitchen with Mosaic Back splash in Tampa

Umber colored kitchen design

As seen on the image above, the umber colored kitchen is sleek and stunning! The mosaic back splash is a beautiful sight together with faucet. Likewise, the cabinets and island look neat and modish.

5.  Bulthaup Kitchen with linear elements Boston

Bulthaup kitchen design

The design above shows a kitchen with linear elements which is a characteristic of modern architecture. The intersecting table and elbow chairs are striking and chic. Also, the minimalist and wooden accent of this kitchen answers your need for comfort and tranquility. The pale colored mat and rectangular chandelier enhance the simple yet beautiful dining table.

6.  Dining Table And Dining Chair in Solid Wood Philadelphia

Dining room furniture design

This beautiful and functional design provides us a relaxing environment while eating our meals. The wooden table, chairs and cabinets look classy and sturdy.

7.   Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets Milwaukee 

Kitchen design with subtle decorating idea

The subtle decorative characteristics of this design look dazzling! The open kitchen and dining area make the room look airy and more welcoming. The sleek chairs and round table look sophisticated and match well the stylish islands on the corner. The glass windows also provide a great scene while enjoying every meal.

8.  Expansive kitchen with Mid-century Dining Room

Simple and sophisticated kitchen design

This expansive kitchen has an open floor space leading to the dining area. Notice the simplicity and sophistication found on this design. The linear and geometric design looks so dramatic. Also, the stone tile back splash on the sink is an eye catcher. To add to the appeal of this stunning kitchen is the sleek terrazzo floor.

9. Airy and well-lighted kitchen design

Airy and well lighted kitchen design idea

An airy and well-lighted kitchen design is seen above. The white paint on both the walls and the island improves the quality of the light. Likewise, the woven chairs in the dining area add a dramatic appeal to this beautiful Scandinavian kitchen design.

10. Kitchen rustic kitchen Sacramento

 Geometric kitchen design

The image above shows a geometric kitchen design. This dramatic and gorgeous kitchen is accentuated by the pendant light above the island. The wooden accent of the ceiling, cabinet, and island offers a homey feeling.

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