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Authentic Modern Victorian kitchen Design Layouts

The Victorian kitchen used to have two types, the scullery which could be located under an upper kitchen that looks spic and span. Modern appliances and designs did away with that and our kitchens now look bright and sunny and clean. We even eat in our kitchens using kitchen islands. Still, Victorian designs used in a modern kitchen look fantastic because some of their designs are pure vintage and that has been trending ever since. A combination of modern with bygone is now being used and it has blended very well. Here are some modern kitchens that have made some authentic Victorian designs.

1. Victorian Style Stove

Kitchen with the iron wood stove

Those big cast iron pots and pans together with the iron wood stove would have been the scullery kitchen during the Victorian era. The wood smoked black brick walls would have borne the brunt of countless wood fires and cooking.

2. Authentic Victorian Kitchen design

Victorian kitchen with an ornate floating shelf

Image source: glenvalegroup

This is a modern kitchen design that made an accent of an authentic Victorian design with the use of an ornate floating shelf. The decors used are of that era and it is a nice accent to this kitchen.

3. Vintage And Modern Style

Dining area with a dresser

Image source:emilymccall

This is a design of what they call the dresser. It looks like the open shelves cabinets used in the kitchens today but the period piece stands out in looks and design. These dressers are built in unlike some of our open shelves that are free standing.

4. Victorian Kitchen

Kitchen with a wooden table

Image source:mnbuild

The heavy wood used in this kitchen table was typical during the Victorian era. This table is placed in the middle of the kitchen as an extra countertop. The modern kitchen island design may have gotten the idea from this.

5.  Victorian Style Iron Shelf Brackets

Kitchen with iron shelf brackets

Image source: aboutinsideout

Wall panels called tongue and groove were the wall designs used during the Victorian era. It is pricey to have it installed today but this kitchen did a clever thing of having it painted and it looks fantastic.

6. Kitchen with Kitchen Island And Suspended Shelves

Modern kitchen

Image source:actual-size

This is a modern kitchen that used open shelves just like what was used during the Victorian era. The walls were painted to look like tongue and groove panels and made the kitchen look lovely.

7. Subway Tiles Backsplash

Kitchen with subway tiles backsplash

Image source:heydtdesigns

This kitchen used subway tiles as a backsplash for the sink walls. Tiles used during the Victorian era are now rare and hard to come by and using subway tiles creates the same design.

8.  Victorian Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen with open plate rack

Image source:venegasandcompany

During the Victorian age the sink is not placed in the kitchen. Modern kitchens have the sink in for convenience and the authentic touch here are the open plate rack that is usually located above the sink.

9. Modern Kitchen

Kitchen with lights

Image source:insigniainspirations

The lights used in this modern kitchen show an authentic design of the lights that were used during the Victorian era. Lights were suspended and adjustable, pulled up or pulled down as the need arises.

10. Antique White Handcrafted Backsplash Tile

Modern kitchen with white backsplash tiles

Image source: tastedesigninc

Modern kitchens could still have the Victorian design by accents that can make it look authentic. The decors can be of that era. The wooden tray to hold glasses and small plates are nice touches to the modern kitchen.

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