Small L Shaped Kitchen with Stainless Countertop Table
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Astounding L shaped kitchen ideas

Astounding L shaped kitchen ideas creates q unique yet realistic ideas. Kitchens of old always have the L shape because of the convenience it offers and the freedom of moving around is easier since middle area is free space. Some shapes have been used like the U shape but the L shaped kitchen is still the most popularly used yesterday, today and maybe even tomorrow. The kitchen island designs that were later used blended seamlessly when used in an L shaped kitchen. It simply became a wonderful extension for a kitchen counter-top. We’ve come up with some L shaped kitchen designs that would probably astound you.

1. L Shaped Kitchen Island

L Shaped Kitchen Island

image source: ebmahoney

This L shaped kitchen also used an L shaped kitchen island and the result looks amazing. The granite counter-tops of the kitchen and island matched perfectly and the light wood cabinets made this kitchen look fabulous.

1. Teal Color Effects

kitchen L Shaped Design with Turquoise Cabinets

The teal colored cabinets made this kitchen come alive. The small white dining table and chairs with bright red cushions set in the middle of the kitchen made this kitchen colorful and fabulous.

2. Small L Shaped Kitchen with Stainless Counter-top Table

Small L Shaped Kitchen with Stainless Countertop Table

This lovely white L shaped kitchen perfectly contrasted the shiny wood floors and made it look amazing. The dining table and chairs used at the end is a great idea for sit down dining. The cabinets lining up the walls and below the sink area are great spaces for storage.

3. Small Kitchen with L Shape Furniture

Small Kitchen with L Shape Furniture

This white kitchen looks refreshing and fresh because of the green splashes of color that was placed on it. The brown wood counter-top contrasts nicely with the white cabinets but perfectly matched the counter-top of the small kitchen island.

4. White L Shaped Kitchen Design

White L Shaped Kitchen Design

This corner L shaped black and white kitchen has lots of cabinets and shelves that made storage an easy task. The brass color of the oven is a great accent.

5. Peach Walls Contrast

Peach Walls Contrast

The peach color of the walls contrasted very well with the red colored cabinets and gray floors. Red is a fantastic bold color to use and would light up a room if done correctly.

6. Cozy L Shaped Kitchen

Cozy L Shaped Kitchen

This is a cozy L shaped kitchen that has mint green walls and white cabinets. The wood counter-top of the kitchen island is a fantastic design for a dining table as well.

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