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10 White Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

A kitchen is a good place to prepare food from therefore,cabinets with different work tops and color schemes are also used in a kitchens as they are used for storing different equipments required in the kitchen and it has many provisions. The kitchen looks smart when all the things are stored in their right positions and it makes the room easy to clean too.

Today we have 10 White Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for you and the cabinets that have different work tops  and stunning color schemes. The kitchens have Furniture arrangement, decorations for the room to look more colorful and outstanding.

1.Transitional Kitchen With A Nice Colorful Patterned Mat


This kitchen has white cabinets and an island,all the appliances are hidden for the room to look smart,there are two windows in this kitchen that brings in lots of natural day light and for when it is dark and this nice colorful patterned mat and green flowers dominate color to this room.

2.Coastal Retreat Kitchen With White And Grey Cabinets

Coastal Retreat Kitchen

A coastal retreat kitchen with white and grey cabinets,a wooden island with storage and a work top.The roof has a ceiling,the floor is made up of wood,the shades of light seen in some parts add up color to this kitchen and all the appliances are hidden.

3.White,Black And Grey contemporary Kitchen


This kitchen has white,black and grey stunning color schemes with purple accent color.The cabinets in this kitchen are in white with soapstone work tops,the wall is painted in white,grey and black,the floor is made up of white tiles and there is a bin on the other side of the room.

4.Contemporary Kitchen With White Cabinets


This is a contemporary kitchen with white roofing,wall and shaker cabinet.This kitchen has a wide floor space area that it combine a kitchen and dining into one,the wall is painted in white therefore,a yellow picture decor stuck on the wall,fruits in a plate and flowers on top of the dining table dominate color to this room.

5.White And Grey Contemporary Kitchen


White and grey contemporary kitchen with an island that has a white work top and sides storage.The cabinets  are in white with grey work tops,the roof has a ceiling and the wall is painted in grey.Therefore,the flowers on top of the island,carrots on the work top and handles dominate color to this kitchen room.

6.Contemporary Kitchen With Cabinets


This is a contemporary kitchen with white cabinets and black work tops.The light,a green watermelon and a pink cup seem to add up color to this kitchen,there are black stools on the other side of the kitchen bar,all the appliances are hidden and there is floor space left to move around.

7.Manhattan White Shaker Kitchen

Manhattan White Shaker Kitchen

A clean transitional white shaker kitchen in an upscale Manhattan condominium.The cabinets are in white with brown work tops and drawer handles,white tile back splash,kitchen breakfast bar and there is a style bar chair.The wall is painted in brown and the color of the fruits dominate to this room.

8.Modern Kitchen With Red Accent Color


This kitchen is in white from the roof to the cabinets therefore,red shaker  looks good in this kitchen.The wall is made up of glasses on the other side of the room with the blue sky and green vegetation seen from out side,seem to dominate color to this room and cream tile back splash.

 9.Modern Kitchen With Green Accent Color


A modern kitchen with white cabinets that have work tops,the roof and wall are in white,the floor is made up of wood,the light seem to add up color to this room,there are windows that brings in calm atmosphere and green shaker looks good in this kitchen that the room looks more stunning.

 10.White Shaker Modern Kitchen


A modern kitchen with white cabinets that has soapstone work tops,the roof is in white,the wall is painted in cream and the floor is made up of wood.Therefore,the light,color of the spices and green flowers seem to dominate to this room making it look more colorful and stunning.

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