high gross red kictchen design
Kitchen Room

10 Stunning European Kitchen Designs

The kitchen room is one of the most important place in the house, we like to keep it smart ,clean and tidy at all times. But knowing we  have the most beautiful kitchen design makes us love our homes even more. The European kitchen designs are simple elegant ,clean,tidy and functional with warm relaxed home feeling.  We have put together 10 B and Q  stunning kitchen  design ideas for you to look through and create yourself real life European kitchen design.

1. Walnut Shaker Kitchen Design

walnut shaker kictchen design

Now that is what i call a stunning kitchen. The walnut Kitchen cabinets with an ice solid white worktops and brushed nickel handles make this Kitchen design stand out.

2.  High Gloss Red Kitchen Design

high gross red kictchen design

Mixing red and black colors will give a gloss red kitchen design an ultimate statement for a dramatic contrast.

3. Horizontal walnut Kitchen

Horizontal Walnut kitchen design

This Kitchen design creates enough space to move around when cooking or tidying up the kitchen. It has walnut cabinets with shine handles,fitted oven and cooker with a nice hob. It combines white and walnut cabinet colors.

4.  Walnut modern kitchen style

walnut modern kitchen style

This kitchen has a cool 1970s style which gives it a fabulous look. It uses the green paint color on the walls which goes well with the walnut cabinets with solid  black worktops  and the accessories around the kitchen.

5.  Cutting-edge contemporary kitchen Design

Cutting-edge contemporary kitchen Design

This kitchen uses black with stylish accent tone with cream wall color and neutral wooden floor which makes a dramatic  dark functional kitchen.

6.  Continental kitchen  design style

continental kitchen design

Plates and wine racks gives this continental kitchen design a high quality  easy living feeling, the woburn cabinets just makes this kitchen stunning.

7.  Simple Blue modern style Kitchen design

Blue kitchen with maple cabinets

You can have a good looking kitchen by having a simple elegant kitchen design with blue wall color with nice tiles of your choice around the cooker area. The maple cabinets and black counter-tops with medium size window gives a vibrant look with plenty of light to this kitchen.

8. Black and White Kitchen style

black and white kitchen

This stunning white and black kitchen has gloss nice black cabinets with stylish handles, fitted modern cooker and hob . The white color walls gives this kitchen a clean modern feeling and less cluttered.

9.  white country style kitchen design

white country style kictehn design

Beautiful country style kitchen design with light green walls  and white cabinets with complementary worktops . This kitchen design makes the room have timeless elegant relaxed atmosphere feeling.

10.  Classic Kitchen Design with Granite worktops

 Classic Kitchen Design style

Cooke & Lewis classic kitchen has stunning classic Oak solid wood cabinets with mellow tones and glass ebony laminate granite counter top with pale floor color.


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