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10 Remodeled kitchens with islands Ideas

We all know the importance of having kitchens with islands. A kitchen gives us that spare space to use when preparing meals. Kitchen islands depending on their design provide extra storage space if they come with cabinets or shelving and also can be used as a bar or dining table.

Remodelled kitchen ideas are fantastic that too when it is kept open without any door but has to be on a raised platform. You can put lot of items and furnishings in the remodelled kitchen. The colours, textures and other furnishings on the kitchen look fabulous. Wooden flooring adds to the beauty of the place. Cabinets and striking show pieces in the kitchen are always welcome. Here are 10 remodelled kitchen with islands that can inspire you which are as follows:-

1. White Kitchen with Gloss Kitchen Island

white kitchen with glass kitchen island

Wooden flooring and white colour tools with white table in the centre is apt for any kitchen island. On the other side there are plenty of shelves on which you can prepare the food and make it too.

2. Brown Kitchen Island with Black Granite Countertop

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All wooden flourishing- from cabinets to flooring and also a narrow curved table in the centre with black table top above which metallic lights hang making it radiant all the more. There is a big wide window from which you can see the grassy meadow.

3. Modern Kitchen with White Marble Island

white kitchen marble island

White mosaic table in the middle with wash basin, lots of drawers and mini oven fitted inside is compact. On the other side kitchen preparation can be done on the shelves.

4. Circular Glass Kitchen Island

Circular Glass Kitchen Island

A semi circular plastic material jutting out of the table is high rise on which you can have your meal and the chair is also high rise bar kind of tool. Wooden flooring with wooden cabinets complement the look of the kitchen in proportion.

5. Two Kitchen Island with Granite Countertops

Two Kitchen Island with Granite Countertops

Two tables of square shape with granite table top and white body with wash basin is appropriate. Lots of ceiling lights hanging from the poles gives much needed light to the entire kitchen.

6. Dark Blue Kitchen Island with white countertop

Dark Blue Kitchen Island

Dark blue colour kitchen cabinets all over and mosaic table in the centre and also on the tops of the shelves with wash basin is the idea behind the kitchen that is remodelled.

7. Kitchen Island As Dining Table

Kitchen Island As Dining Table, wooden flooring and white colour kitchen cabinets complete the look of the kitchen that is remodelled. Two inverted bulbs hang from the ceiling giving the place radiance that it requires.

8. Black And white kitchen Island

country home

Rough and tough marble of black and white colour acts as the table top of the place and layered wooden flooring gives the kitchen a complete rustic appearance. It looks as if the furnishings are taken out of the scrap and used which is a good way of utilising the furnishings.

9. Simple Modern Kitchen Island

Simple Modern Kitchen Island

Polished nude colour marble table in the centre with wooden legs on four sides give a royal feel and touch to the place. The marble on the ground that acts as the flooring also matches the colour of the table top in proper mode.

10. Kitchen Island with Cabinets

Kitchen Island with Cabinets

Wooden cabinets all over the place lights up with the lamps that are used in the kitchen. The place looks dark after the remodelling is done but does not cause any harm to the elements that are there in the kitchen.

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