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10 Kitchen towel holder ideas

A Kitchen towel holder is important as most of the time it is the hands that get dirty in the kitchen and they need to be washed and wiped using a towel. Swanky handles are put so that it gives the place a warm touch and feel. The towels act as accessory to the kitchen. Rods of metallic furnishing are placed or wood handles are also in vogue. Different kinds of rods and in various sizes are attached to the cabinets or the walls that look bright and shiny in the kitchen. Most convenient place to keep the towel near to the kitchen sink  or washbasin so that after washing the hands or plates you can straight away wipe your hands. Here are some of the best  ideas for Kitchen towel holders and where they are located to inspired you:-

1. Curved shape metallic rod

Curved shape metallic rod

A simple curved shape metallic rod that too of a small size looks neat attached to the side of the table top of the wash basin. The handle is sturdy and the towel looks classy on it.

2. Wooden handle

Wooden handle

A wooden handle for keeping towel is also very useful and not just any sort of handle rather it is like the two flaps of doors which open from the cabinet. A narrow and sleek box like structure is opened on which the towel is placed.

3.  Bathroom Cabinet

towel holder cabinet pocket

Keeping paper rolls in one section of the cabinet is also quite an amazing idea and it matches with the white colour of the cabinets as well. Green coloured transparent jars on the top most shelves make it look even more beautiful.

4. oxidised handle in the side panel

oxidised handle in the side panel

An oxidised handle in the side panel of the white colour cabinet which is kept low looks beautiful. Two tools are placed around it and the beauty of the area is a fruit covered structure.

5. Big and straight handle of sturdy metallic rod

metal sturdy road towel holder

A big and straight handle of sturdy metallic rod just before the huge white ceramic washbasin looks ethereal with all the green and colourful plants spread around.

6. Aluminium kitchen sink

Aluminium kitchen sink

Just placing the towel on the aluminium washbasin is also another idea by which you do not have to install a handle on any of the cabinets or the walls.

7.  Steel cum metallic structure

Steel cum metallic structure

All steel cum metallic structure and a rod jutting from the structure acts as a support medium for keeping the towel on it comfortably adds to the charm of the area.

8. Long golden colour rod

Long golden colour rod

Long golden colour rod on the centre table side is placed where the towel hangs neatly. On the top most wall of the place a saucer and big ladle’s rest as show piece.

9. Granite table top

towel holder on blue kitchen cabinets

From the granite table top a handle stands in which the towel is kept. The kitchen area looks all done up with blue cabinets and wooden furnishings. The handle is apt with the surrounding of the kitchen.

10.  Towel holder on white kitchen cabinets

towel holder on gloss cabinets

From the all white table top and cabinets a rod is placed on which a printed towel of white and red colour hangs. The kitchen is a narrow place but quite spacious whereby you can do the work easily. Steel chimney and refrigerator with white cabinets add to the beauty of the kitchen.

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