Hexagon pendulum lights over the kitchen countertop
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10 Kitchen Pendulum Lights Over Island

Pendulum lights are always a welcome addition to any kitchen space withy their aesthetic and functional properties. These suspended lights, which are also referred to as pendant lights, are a truly elegant and beautiful. The best bit is that the pendulum lights are available in a wide variety of designs and shapes- hence you can easily have for your island kitchen, irrespective of the décor theme. There are heavy petite lightings for the traditional kitchens while you will even find streamlined pendulum lights wrapped in glass body for the sleek contemporary island kitchens. The pendulum lights are favoured for their space saving features. As they are always suspended, your table space is complete free for you. Besides, the pendulum lights allow a voluminous flow of illumination lighting up the space beneath at its best. Here are some of the best pendulum light designs for kitchen island.

1.   Gorgeous Pendulum Lights

Gorgeous pendulum lights over island

These are some of the best gorgeous pendulum lights are would be ideal if you are planning for a very decorative kitchen. The angular structures caressing the light body speak of contemporary style without being OTT.

2.   Big Hurricane Like Pendulum Lights

Elegant kitchen space with hunging pendulum lights

The big hurricane like pendulum lights add on a suave feel to the overall elegant kitchen space. The wider mouth assures a grand flow of task lighting on the table ensuring a convenient action on the table top.

3.   Vintage Pendulum Light

Dark pendulum stick and light base

The dark pendulum stick and light base speak of a beautiful rustic vintage appeal and so the not-so-transparent heavy light cover. The dim glow creates a soothing ambience all over.

4.   Elegant Pendulum Lights

Traditional kitchen with pendulum lights

These are some of the most elegant pendulum lights you will ever come across. The glass body bordered by the metal cage altogether create the desired heavy feel, so usual in the traditional kitchens. You will love the circular contrast that surrounds the cylindrical shape.

5.   Vase Like Pendulum Lights

Pendulum lights over island

The vase like pendulum lights add on a dramatic edge to the overall kitchen setting. The red light body makes the setup all the more interesting and desirable.

6.   Pot-Like Pendulum Light Body

Transitional kitchen with pendulum lights

The pot-like pendulum light body is a sure charm and matches up with the overall classy ambience of the kitchen room. The dark light body befits well with the wooden charisma around.

7.   Three Pendulum Lights

Three pendulum lights joint to the base

Three pendulum lights joint to the base create a mini chandelier effect over the small island top. The lights are soothing and altogether assure good illumination for the table space.

8.   Grey Light Bodies

White culinary space

Grey light bodies have been an apt addition here, creating a classy contrast with the overall white culinary space. The wide light opening assures magnificent illumination for the wide rectangular table.

9.   Hexagon Pendulum Lights

Hexagon pendulum lights over the kitchen countertop

The hexagon pendulum lights over the kitchen countertop and grand circular lights over the dining table altogether conjure a lavish ambience- livened up with glitz and glamour. These lights are perfect for a luxury kitchen.

10.   Cone Shaped Light Bodies

Mediterranean dining room

The cone shaped light bodies befit well with the Mediterranean charm all over the culinary zone. The dark shade speaks of gravity and elegance- much needed in this classy setting. The white chairs look soothing.

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