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10 Kitchen Island With Microwave Ideas

The idea of a microwave well stored out of sight in a safe place such as a kitchen island makes the kitchen look tied. Some people can’t stand clutter just by putting the microve on a counterop as it increases the number of items that are left on them. The kitchen ideas below have the microwaves tucked into the kitchen cabinet walls or just at a good low level easily reachable in the kitchen island in the centre of the kitchen position.

Having a drawer microwave is more appealing to some people as they dont have to bend over to use it. They feel it is useful and is a much safer as microwaves have nice operational features. When you have such unlimited counter space , Kitchen Island With Microwave ideas may prove to be stylish and useful in your kitchen.  Take a look at our below and see what you think.


1.Contemporary Kitchen With A Steel Plated Microwave Idea
Contemporary-Kitchen-with-a-steel-plated-microwave- idea
The microwave is steel plated and embedded in the cabinet of the kitchen. The size of the microwave is also huge. Off white cabinet system is surrounded in the entire kitchen and there is also a steel chimney as well as sink in the kitchen. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling throwing much needed light.

2.Traditional Kitchen With A Microwave Fitted In One Of The Cabinet Setting
Sophisticated idea for a kitchen which has granite brick walls and granite table top of the sink and an all white ensemble with microwave fitted in one of the cabinet setting. Two dome shaped light hang from the ceiling with white lavender flowers arranged in a glass jug.

3. Beach Style Kitchen With White Painted Microwave Idea
Beach style kitchen idea with white painted microwave arranged as a drawer system in the kitchen with a hen show piece, dining table, three long lights hanging from the false ceiling and multiple white drawers in the lower arrangement of cabinets.

4.Modern Kitchen With Microwave Set In The Table Of The Sink
Adding rustic charm to the kitchen with a rug on the wooden flooring, wallpaper fitted on one wall and microwave set in the table of the sink adds drama to the kitchen. Chandelier hangs from above onto the table of the sink where flower vase is kept.

5.Modern Dining And Kitchen With A Microwave Oven Jutted Into The Cupboard
Japanese style lights on the ceiling wall add a modern touch to the kitchen. Microwave oven jutted into the cupboard is something new and never seen before idea. If you are planning for something different then this kitchen idea is the kick start.

6.Modern Kitchen With A Mini Microwave Fitted In A Long Cabinet
Warehouse idea for kitchen is a novelty in itself. Mini microwave fitted in a long cabinet of drawers is unique as well as stylish. White cabinet system with light wood flooring is a simple yet all encompassing idea for the kitchen with fuss free elements.

7.Office Style Kitchen With Microwave Embedded On Top Of The Cupboard
Office style kitchen with microwave embedded on top of the cupboard acts as a television display screen and also spares lot of space in the kitchen. Two sets of dining table with office cum modern restaurant cum chairs abound the tables. The flooring is also neat with rectangular brick form which is little rough.

8.Traditional Kitchen With Microwave Fitted In The Lower Panel Of The Table
Traditional-Kitchen-with-microwave-fitted-in -the-lower-panel-of-the-table
Indeed a very cool design and idea to stack up all the pans on top of the table hanging from the ceiling and the table fitted with microwave in the lower panel leaves ample space in the kitchen.

9.Modern Kitchen Island With Microwave Oven Embedded In The Cabinet System
Mosaic table top with wooden panel and fruits kept on the top acts as a vintage idea but microwave oven embedded in the cabinet system in the lower panel is a very cool idea.

10.Traditional Kitchen With Microwave Oven On Top And In The Side
Traditional-Kitchen-with-microwave-oven-no top-and- in-the-side
Huge kitchen with polished flooring and all white cabinets on top make it a good combination. The table houses a microwave oven in the side and also on top in between the cabinets.


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