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10 Kitchen Glass Tile Backsplash Pictures

Glass tile back splash is the latest innovation in the design of architecture. The tiles are easy to clean and has smooth surface which is transparent with a distinct shine. The back splash tiles sometimes look like wallpaper but actually they are tiles which are different from the normal tiles and are fitted in a small area. Nowadays backlashes are popular in the kitchens like on the walls around the cooker area and they can go all the way on the walls around the worktop area and the sink area.  In most houses they are just patterned tile backlashes used , in other homes they are ceramic tiles backlashes and other types. In today’s post we look at Kitchen Glass Tile Backsplash Pictures to give you an idea of what you may use if you are thinking of doing a kitchen remodelling.

Kitchen Glass Tile Backsplashes are easy to clean and gives the kitchen a luxurious stylish look.  We hope you like the ideas below.

1.Transitional Kitchen With Mini Nude Colour Tiles Back Splash
Mini nude colour tiles that are fitted into the inner wall behind the stove are shiny and act as a contrast to the all white cabinets in the kitchen. Small tiles like brick structure but polished to give a marbled look is fitted in the kitchen. In the side table walls too, the tile cover the walls.

2.Contemporary Kitchen With Panels Of Tiles In Mauve Beige And Peach
Panels of tiles in rustic mauve, beige and peach are fitted throughout the walls behind the stove up to the chimney, covering the length as well as the width. The tiles are super glistening and give a hint of stained glass look.

3. Contemporary Kitchen With Rough Glass Tile Back Splash
Rough tiles bordering the inner walls behind the shelves of bigger rectangle is simple in its look and easy to maintain. The colour of the tiles is in sync with the colour of the cabinets and the flooring.

4. Modern Kitchen With Finger Tip Size Disco Glass Tiles Back Splash
Finger tip size disco tiles fitted behind the sink and spanning across the entire table is very stylish and modern. The withered leaf watch and the cabinets work best with the kind of tiles that are fitted into the wall. You can almost see your mini reflection in each cubicle.

5. Transitional Kitchen With Patterned Tiles Back Splash
Patterned tiles which are extra smooth fitted behind the stove looks as if it is a wall paper. Hologram design in nude blue colour with white strokes is carved which seems as if it is printed.

6. Contemporary Kitchen With Porcelain Tiles In Marble Back Splash
Porcelain tiles in marble surround the entire back splash area giving it a royal look. Ceiling lights gives a luminous shadow on the tiles as well as on the opposite side of the wall.

7.Modern Kitchen With Mini Glass Tiles Of Three Different Shades Back Splash
Mini tiles of three different shades acts as a back splash. The colours of the tiles are usually nude to keep up with the surrounding, the cabinets and the lighting provided in the kitchen.

8.Modern Kitchen With Rain Drop Style Back Splash Tiles
Raindrop style back splash tiles in vertical layers act as a soothing wall behind the stove and in between the cabinets and the silver chimney. Dark wood mahogany cabinets are juxtaposed with shiny tiles in the kitchen.

9.Traditional Kitchen With White Glass Tiles Back Splash
Cushion style tiles in white colour, forming a zigzag pattern of tiles together with small tiles in white colour back splash behind the stove and in either side grassy and fancy plant like hedge is kept.

10.Contemporary Kitchen With White And Nude Grey Glass Tiles Back Splash
Horizontal small line like tiles in white and nude grey is filled across the entire wall of the shelf till the upper part and in the alcove where a sea showpiece is kept. The kitchen is a fantastic design idea for garden and high rise flats.

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