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10 Hometown Kitchen Designs Ideas

Kitchen ideas vary from area to area and also from space to space. Different kinds of look be it stylish, contemporary, rustic to antique all can be assembled in the kitchen-ranging from the furniture, utensils, cutlery, paint and other accessories fitted in the kitchen.

Today we are showcasing 10 different Hometown Kitchen Designs Ideas. All together if you have huge space then ideas of kitchen are vast but for tiny kitchens you cannot put as many things as you desire. Small kitchens have limitation but with bigger area you can put as many items yet the space remains free. You can leisurely walk around, read books, listen to music in your kitchen without getting bored. Here are some ides:-

1.Contemporary Home Town Kitchen Design Idea
A massive long kitchen with shining tiles combined with dining room is the idea behind the kitchen. The dining table is small with two chairs made of durable material and the cabinets in the kitchen are of creme colour wood which can be easily cleaned.

2.Grey And Yellow Home Town Kitchen Design Idea

A square shaped kitchen with grey wood cabinets and dark yellow painted walls is the design of the kitchen. Dining room cum kitchen is combined together. Refrigerator is placed in the space provided in the cabinets. The tiles are big but little rough.

3.White Modern Home Town Kitchen Design Idea
Open kitchen with shining tiles and white cabinets with light wooden panels looks sombre. A rectangular arc is cut acting as the window shield where showpieces are arranged. Even after stacking up the kitchen with numerous things there is vast space left in the open.

4. Dark Grey And Mauve Modern Home Town Kitchen Design Idea
Dark grey colour tiles, light wood cabinets and table for having meals with one wall painted in mauve colour is the highlight of the kitchen. The other end of the kitchen opens into a balcony. The cabinets are both placed in the upper walls as well as down.

5.Dark Grey,White And Silver Contemporary Home Town Kitchen Design Idea
All white and silver theme of the kitchen is reflective of peace as well as of style. White cabinets, white marbles, dark grey upper wall and glass type of chair is breathtaking. Polished silver colour rotating legs of the chair makes it extra cool. There is a white colour symmetric opening oval shaped light which illuminates white light.

6.White And Grey Contemporary Home Town Kitchen Design Idea
Grey tiles, white cabinets, white cupboard with refrigerator pinned on a printed black wall paper and glass show case on the upper wall makes it look radiant. There is a steel chimney too. The area is very spacious and everything is stacked up in the wall.

7.Modern Home Town Kitchen Design Idea
Dark and big tiles with white and nude brown wooden cabinets and black back splash tiles with red mats make it little colorful and the mood is playful. Dining table is placed in the kitchen itself with chairs and low tool. The table and chair is of wood.

Mosaic polished tiles with off white cabinets and brown panel filled with oranges and orange colored chopping board on the table top gives it a spring feel. The walls are of olive colour thus striking an olive and orange blossom fresh from the garden look.

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