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10 Great bar in kitchen Ideas

Great bar in kitchen addition in the kitchen is always a welcoming sight. Apart from adding good ambience to the kitchen it also makes it necessary for those who do not want to go out in the living room and bring the bottles inside. It is convenient to keep the bar inside the kitchen. The bars can be elaborate or simple depending upon the taste but clearly it brings out the effect wherever you put it. Glass design or any other type of design bars can be made. Wine bottles can also be kept on the shelf be it wooden or glass. Bar can be either seen f there are tables and high rise chair or sofas with tables can also act as a bar for your convenience. The chairs and tools of the bar area looks great which is the highlight of the area of bar. Here are the ideas:

1. Brown wood kitchen island countertop

neutral kitchen colours

Nude colour high rise tool with mosaic top and a narrow semi circular table of the same colour does not make it look like a bar altogether thus giving it a multipurpose look.

2. White Kitchen Island with two parts Countertops

kitchen island as a bar area

Granite table top and black colour high rise chairs are the idea behind the bar which is classy and at the same time neat. A small plant is placed on the table top.

3.  Glass countertop kitchen bar

Glass countertop kitchen bar

Wooden high rise chairs with wooden table completes the old world charm of the bar area. Wooden flooring and pyramid shaped glass is placed that acts as the door from which you can see the outside view as well.

4. Gray Metal Kitchen Bar Countertop

Gray Metal Kitchen Bar Countertop

Grey colour tools are kept which have a slight opening in the centre and a metallic table top juts out of the huge table acting as bar of the kitchen.

5. Contemporary Red Kitchen Bar

Contemporary Red Kitchen Bar

Two red colour bar stools with a silver handle at the back gives polished look to the bar section of the place. Sleek metallic top and above that a curved shape red table top looks in sync with the bar area.

6. Red wood Kitchen Cabinets And Bar area

Red wood Kitchen

Bamboo styled chair with seat above which a red colour table that is narrow looks superb in the kitchen area combined with dining area.

 7.  Kitchen bar with high bar chairs

Kitchen bar with high bar chairs

Grey colour rugged wall with two high rise chair and cabinet structured table is the idea behind the bar. The look is sleek as well as polished.

8.  Wooden Bar  table top

Wooden Bar  table top

Wooden table top that is narrow combined with wooden chair and olive cloth material over it makes it comfortable to sit on in the bar area.

9.  Modern Home Bar

Modern Home Bar

Black colour high rise tool structure but with metallic stand and support to rest on combined with classy black colour table gives the bar area quite a structured finish. It looks great to see the bar area nestled in comfort.

10. Wooden chairs with blue colour seating

Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs with blue colour seating and white colour hard marble table top acts as the bar counter. Near to the place is swimming pool that nestles amicably in one corner. There are green bushes along with flowers that blossom in the area.

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