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10 Granite Top Kitchen Table Ideas

Granite Top Kitchen Tables have become popular in kitchen in the modern world. People like to have them for their kitchen work surfaces , worktables or countertops whatever name you know the work tables for because they look smart, clean and easy to clean. They have classy and modernity ,they are everyone’s dream of a luxury kitchen design type.

The kitchen styles below all have their unique designs which makes them fashionable and desirable . Granite worktops are easy to clean, care for and look smart in the kitchen. Granite table tops are common yet the increasing variety of granite marbles is huge. Granite acts as a form of marble which are usually polished and extremely hard substance. Granites are long lasting and they come in various colours in contemporary times.

1. Snow White granite with a pencil edge

Four table tops of cracked design of granite- white and brown stripes look elegant and give a tiled look. The size of the granite ranges from big to medium to small and can be cut in any desired shape.

2. Square shaped granite table tops

White-modern-kitchen-with- square-shaped-granite-kitchen-table-tops-idea-of-smaller-and-mid-length

Square shaped granite table tops of smaller and mid length in white and brown stripes are arranged in the kitchen. Even if the table tops get stained it is easy to clean and wipe.

3. Black Strong Granite Marble Tops 
Black strong granite marble tops of square shape and size are placed in the kitchen and it looks splendid. The granite is smooth which is why it gives a spectacular look even without making it look clumsy.

4. Mosaic Print Grey And Nude Colour Stripe

Mosaic print grey and nude colour stripe on the granite of big square size on the table looks sheen. Two back splash granite walls look stunning which is of small size. The granite is polished and the colored lights reflect on the granite table top.

5. Mosaic Granite With Brown Streaks 

Off white colored mosaic granite with brown streaks on a rectangular table top looks regal set with wooden black cabinet in the lower side. Black chairs with white suede leather give it an urban look.

6.Contemporary Kitchen With Grey Granite Top Kitchen Table Idea

Grey granite table on the dining table as well as on the kitchen tables look very ravishing in the kitchen with wooden cabinets all over the kitchen. The lamps hanging from the ceiling throw luminous yellow light on the table.

7.  Black And Grey Granite Tinge Top Kitchen Table

Rectangular white with black and grey granite tinge on the wooden table and a side panel where showpiece is kept looks beautiful with red flowers in the glass vase. The granite table also has a sink carved out in the table.

8. White and black granite material Kitchen Table

A long panel of granite rust white and black granite material which serves twin purpose of having meals as well as working with shelves arranged in the table top gives it a sturdy look.

9. Modern Kitchen With All Black Granite Kitchen Tables

All black granite tables serving as kitchen shelves on top of the cabinets and a side table for having meals is also made of granite. Wooden cabinets with granite are the combination behind the kitchen tables.

10. White granite table of the kitchen counter 

All white granite table of the kitchen counter as well as of the arc shaped dining table with wooden lower table and granite top is yet another stylish look yet gaudy in colour with mauve shiny walls and back splash and silver metallic refrigerator is loud but looks stylish.

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