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10 G shaped kitchen layout Ideas

The G-shaped kitchen style have an exotic fashionable appearance of their own and make the kitchen look larger. The kitchens shown in this post all have  modern features like granite worktops , appliances ,wall tiles, kitchen backlashes and modernised flooring. G-shaped kitchens are defied by cabinetry configurations with preparation area peninsula & storage on 4 walls. It’s basically an extended form of U-shaped kitchens with the added plus of more base cabinets.

If you are looking for increased storage & streamlined cooking area, a G-shaped kitchen is ideal for you.

1.Beach Style G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea


It presents a wonderful idea for beach inspired kitchen decor. The pristine cabinetry speaks of elegance which coupled with classy black granite table top creates a smart contrast. The neatly arranged blue pots, the huge fish and the big stars create nice breezy ambience around. The golden illumination above and the royal blue oven area aptly break the white monotony.

2.Traditional G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea


Nothing other than hardwood cabinets speak so aptly about a traditional elegant culinary space which has been rightly featured in this picture. The variation in wood colors is undoubtedly a smart choice and the black tabletop rightly oozes class. The steel chimney, oven space and refrigerator have created a fine contrast with overall wood presence.


3.Traditional G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea


Dark hardwood cabinetry dominates most of the kitchen area here, assuring a great culinary venture with style and elegance. The light stone table top creates a smart contrast which together with the hanging white lights break the dark monotony in the room.

4.Sophisticated G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea


It’s a perfect picture of traditional G-kitchen designed with the right dose of plush ad sophistication. The black stone table top beautifully merges with dark wooden cabinets and the U shaped table end is a much loved feature.


5.Rustic G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea


The light-colored wooden cabinetry is a smart choice against the overall dark wooden ambience around. The black table top assures a classy fix no doubt. The colorful space behind the gas area is a unique feature of this kitchen.

6.Contemporary G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea


This is a good choice for G-shaped kitchens in a constricted culinary space. The light-colored wooden cabinetry goes well with a contemporary decor , forming a good match with pale green walls. The steel chimney and black table top assure spectacular contrast against a wooden backdrop.

7.Cream And Wooden Modern G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea


The kitchen oozes a classy Victorian taste with its creamy embellished cabinets that form a wonderful contrast with the dark wooden cabinets on the wall. The light yellow table top assures a soft touch and the rich hanging chandeliers have aptly upped the glam quotient of this kitchen.


8.Traditional G Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea With Lights


If you are looking for a glam open G-kitchen, this is the picture for you. The blackish dark hardwood defines elegance and so the stone table top. The stylish hanging lights from the ceiling assure the perfect dose of glamour and plush in the room.

9.White And Black Contemporary G Shaped Kitchen Layout 

White-and-black-contemporary-G-shaped-Kitchen -layout-idea

The kitchen has been designed taking a cue from the classic black and white contrast which has been aptly featured with its pristine cabinets and rick black table top. The stylish assortment of rounded illumination on the ceiling beautifully lights up the area in great style.

10.White Modern G Shaped Kitchen Layout


Nothing defines class at its best than an all white pristine culinary ambience which is aptly presented by this kitchen with its milky cabinets, white tabletop, white wall and the hanging lights. The steel oven, gas & fridge area makes a fine plush contrast.

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