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10 Black wood Kitchen Cabinets Designs

Black stained wooden cabinets look good and beautiful in kitchen when everything is fitted according to plan. The kitchens below feature  some black wood kitchen cabinets designs that will inspire you if you are thinking of creating  a kitchen that has some black colour in it.  Kitchen cabinets and cupboards are very useful for kitchen storage and safe keeping of all your plates and cutlery and other kitchen stuff.

Also Kitchen cabinet designs are very popular and more than that it is a necessity for stacking up a range of things in the kitchen. Black wood kitchen cabinets are very durable and easily available. You can also use it in another way with a remodelling of the entire place with proper hangings and wallpaper.  Here is a list of 10 designs of black wood kitchen cabinets designs that could be helpful to you.

1.  Black Wood High Rise Kitchen Cabinets

high rise black kitchen cabinets

Lots of high rise cabinets, low set of drawers, wash basin drawer and panels of windows and doors with glass gives a look of old wood charm which is urban in a new way.

2. Big Black Wood Kitchen Cabinets with white worktops

Big Black Wood Kitchen Cabinets

A big cabinet cupboard with small cupboards and open shelves arranged in the form with two to three cabinet son top of the stove giving it a neat look and the low cabinets also arranged in a clean manner gives a very stylish look with a separate drawer like structure of the wooden semi circular shape with white top is arranged in the middle.

3. Contemporary Kitchen With Black Cupboards

Contemporary Kitchen with cupboards

A shelf cum dining table converter with wooden cabinet both on the lower side and on the upper side with wooden ceiling and wooden flooring gives it an all wood feel.

4. Rich Black wood Kitchen Design

black wood kitchen
An all over cabinets with upside and downside in various shapes and sizes with glass doors for the top most small cabinets and wash basin cabinet with shiny marble flooring giving it a chic look.

5.  Country Kitchen Design with a vintage feel

Country Kitchen Design

A traditional look with lots of cabinets without handles and a big cupboard rests in the area looking as if it is a complete set of articles and wooden furniture kept and arranged in a judicious way.

6. White Kitchen with Black Cabinets on Island

White Kitchen with Black Cabinets

White cabinet system all around the place that combines both dining room and kitchen together in a very stylish format with wooden chairs, white lamp like structure hanging from the top and a chimney sets the tone for a brighter look to the all white cabinets.

7. Kitchen with Full of Character

Kitchen with Full of Character
All black wood enlarged area with hordes of cabinet stacked in the place with big dining table and cabinet of small size placed in them too with wooden chimney and matt finished tiles combined with kitchen and living room makes it an all purpose area.

8. Exotic Kitchen with Black wood cabinets

Exotic Kitchen

An old world charm to the cabinet system which has a rustic appeal in the cabinets that are placed and embedded in the wall with chandelier hanging from above gives it a most dramatic appeal.

 9. Kitchen with black wood cabinets And wooden Flooring

Kitchen with black wood cabinets

A wide area with black wood cabinet son the low side with wooden flooring and window sort of cabinets placed on top in between the gaps gives a pristine feel to the entire place.

10.   Low wooden dining table

 Low wooden dining table

A low wooden dining table with white drawers on all sides gives it a combination of the brick houses and the stylish charm with details like a bell shaped light placed on top and wooden panel ceiling with wooden flooring adding to the mystery of the area with the highlighted factor being drawers.

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