Small narrow rectangular off white backsplash with black cabinets
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10 Black Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Black Kitchen Backsplash against white other kitchen wall colours look vibrant and stylish , interesting with different kinds of tiles . You can order tiles that are available readily and can also be custom made so the backsplash of your kitchen suits what you want. The characteristic of the tile is that they can be smooth and shiny or matte finished. Both look good in the kitchen along with light thrown in the back-splash tiles. Combined with black back-splash you can incorporate different colour cabinets or black cabinets. The sizes of the tiles vary from small to medium to big and of different shapes as well. There are many ideas of tiles which you can imbibe in your kitchen and can inspire you. The cabinets are of the same material usually or of different to mix and match. Here are some of the ideas:-

1.   Black Shiny Tiles Of Small Rectangular Shape 

Black shiny back-splash tiles

Black shiny tiles of small rectangular shape are embedded in the back panel of the rectangular zone in the lower region of the cabinet. Black back-splash does not make the area dirty.

2.   Black Shiny And Smooth Wall Surface

Black shiny and smooth wall surface kitchen back-splash

Black shiny and smooth surface of the wall above the cabinet table that is of white colour, looks striking as well as radiant of the backsplash idea. The cabinets of white colour also have sheen on them.

3.   Sleek Granite Black Wall Tiles

Sleek granite black wall tiles kitchen back-splash

Small round lights are placed throwing the radiance on the black tiles of the wall that is of granite but it looks sleek and not heavy as the granite is generally of.

4.   Black Square Boxes Acts As Tiles

Black square boxes kitchen back-splash

Square boxes that are of black colour acts as tiles in a sleek manner covering the two narrow sides along with the chimney area so that there is no dirt on the wall.

5.   Small Black Rectangular Tiles

Tiles gives a royal feel and look to the place

Rectangular tiles of black colour in small size all over the kitchen give it a royal feel and look to the place. Smooth surface of the table of kitchen camouflages together with the backsplash around the entire place. Glass show pieces add a hint of grace to the kitchen.

6.   Small Narrow Rectangular Off  White Kitchen Backsplash

Small narrow rectangular off white backsplash with black cabinets

Small narrow rectangular off white colour of the backsplash with black cabinets is the different tinge to the kitchen. An arc shaped orange colour panel is placed on the ceiling adds the much needed colour to the kitchen.

7.   Kitchen With Granite Shiny Backsplash Tiles

Little rough black wood cabinets  with granite shiny backsplash tile

Little rough black wood cabinets all around the kitchen with granite shiny backsplash tile in a wide zone around the place looks amorphous. In the centre there is a rectangular table of black granite material that adds royalty to the place. Wooden tiles give it much needed class.

8.   Black Plain Backsplash Surrounds The Entire Kitchen

Black plain kitchen backsplash idea

Black plain backsplash surrounds the entire kitchen and the table top as well is of granite. The table top is also of the same material. Wooden flooring adds appeal to the kitchen.

9.   White Tiny Small Backsplash Tiles

White tiny small tiles kitchen backsplash idea

White tiny small tiles are fitted all over the place that acts as the backsplash. The table top is of white granite that looks radiant. Silver furnishing all over the place looks striking.

10.   Silver Straight And Lean Finish Backsplash

Silver straight and lean finish backsplash idea

Small box grey tile over two places and silver colour straight and lean finish backsplash over one place makes it appear quite lifelike yet glossy. Crumpled table top of white colour adds touch to the place.

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