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10 Amazing Contemporary Kitchen Island

Nothing beats the smell of delicious food cooking in our kitchens. It makes every day’s hard work worth it. Definitely, it feels good to go home and enjoy eating our foods when we are sitting in a beautifully decorated kitchen. In creating a well-decorated kitchen, it has been a trend in contemporary design to include kitchen islands. We have gathered amazing contemporary kitchen island designs from which you can choose from.

If your kitchen island is large, then the seating for it can utilize full size chairs. While smaller kitchen islands may be only able to accommodate two seats. When deciding on your seating, decide how much space you want your guests to have. Often times in kitchens the island is more of a decorative addition than practical seating. Assess your space to see where your kitchen island falls. On that note, let us go ahead and check out our list of 10 Pretty Kitchen Island with Seating below. Enjoy!

1. Large contemporary Kitchen


Image source: freshome
The design shows a large contemporary kitchen with simple yet chic design. Notice that the kitchen has very organized cabinets attached on the walls and under the sink. Design your kitchen with thebrownish colored cabinets complementing the overall elegant appearance of the kitchen. Additionally, the white kitchen island is definitely a good choice to add an ambience of comfort in this room.

2. Storage units above the sink

contemporary kitchen with islandcontemporary kitchen with islandcontemporary-kitchen contemporary kitchen with island
Notice on the second picture that the kitchen has storage units above the sink which could be used to display your wide selection of utensils. The kitchen island is also a combination of traditional and trendy designs. Surely preparing your food in these cool kitchen designs would be great!

3. combination of dark and white colors

black and white kitchen with island
If you are looking for contemporary design for your kitchen, the image above would be a choice to consider. There is a good combination of dark and white colors bringing a sophisticated taste to the room. Another plus point in the designs is the round kitchen island which makes the room visually-appealing.

4. Decorating your kitchens

oval shpae kitchen island
The image above is a clever way of decorating your kitchens. The round kitchen island is one way of conserving space, especially if you have small kitchen. Notice also that the countertops are made of porcelain which is a great choice because they are heat and scratch-resistant unlike the traditional ones.

5. Lighting in your kitchen

oval shpae kitchen island
You will definitely need proper illumination in your kitchen, especially when preparing food. One way of improving the lighting in your kitchen is to choose an island that has chandeliers over it.Likewise, the kitchen island has storage units on its sides which make it more practical and convenient as it provides adequate space for more things.

6.  Rectangular kitchen island

white kitchen worktop
Notice in the image howstylish and polished the chandeliers look above the rectangular kitchen island. Adding to its appeal is the classy combination ofblack and white colors. The black colored seats are also consistent with the islands giving it a more elegant look.

7. wooden kitchen island

white and black kitchen with islamd

image source: home-designing

If you wanted a wooden kitchen island without losing the contemporary trend, the images above are good choices. The two images show sleek and sophisticated kitchen islands. The first image is made even more beautiful by the layered sides which can be used to store not just kitchen essentials but also books as well as flowers.

8.   Storage units

brown wood kitchen
The second image illustrates a wooden kitchen island that complements the cabinets in the other parts of the room. The great thing about this design is the storage units found on the kitchen island and the walls. Having a kitchen island with drawers is a practical and functional choice to accommodate extra space for your kitchen utensils. Moreover, notice that the kitchen island has elegant countertops.

9. Panoramic view

round shaped modern kitchen
If you are lucky to have a location that provides a panoramic view, take advantage of that. You can choose this design for your kitchen. Additionally, go for glass windows to appreciate the view. Above is a contemporary kitchen design emphasized by white walls and island with seating.

10.  Classy design

modern kitchen
Check out the classy design above which demonstrates a kitchen made mostly ofstainless steel materials. These materials are convenient because they are easy to clean and not easily damage. Likewise, these materials enhance the illumination in the kitchen because it reflects light which is beneficial if you wanted to save energy. This kitchen design positively creates a feeling of relaxation while cooking while enjoying the sight in your kitchen.

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